From these philosophical roots came the Akashic Brotherhood. another group of Awakened humans, a band of mages who saw reincarnation as their duty. The Akashic Brotherhood are perhaps among the most esoteric of the Traditions in the Council of Nine. Deeply influenced by Asian concept of. Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Mage: The Ascension). Home ยท Tradition Book: Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts (Mage: The Ascension). Read more.

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As centered as their philosophy is on individuality, Akashic teachers believe that young practitioners must find their own path to Ascension, which often proves very frustrating for young mages.

Instead of being able to help an Initiate move toward wisdom with lessons or suggestions, most Akashic Brothers can offer only rote physical training, cryptic passages in old books or puzzling idioms that are supposed to lead the student to her own revelation. For centuries, Reasoners and their Technocrat descendants have attempted to duplicate Do, as ascensjon ancient Chakravats, but without success. However, Do is more than just a fantastically deadly fighting style and physical discipline.


They created Do as an expression of their teachings. Lastly, the Wu Lungthe family of the Dragon, are a separate sect of mages who allied with the Brotherhood very recently.

To make things worse, deep philosophical differences drew the Brotherhood into a crippling year war with the Euthanatos Tradition, extending precious resources further and diverting the Akashics from the path to enlightenment. Mind, body and spirit are all part of the larger whole of the person, just as the person is part of the larger whole of the universe.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The really classic ‘kick of the four winds’ comes to mind, where you colocate into four spaces, and flying kick a guy’s skull from four angles. Fill in mags details below or click an icon to log in: Pain and struggle are teachers, but not the only teachers.


Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. The war left both Traditions scarred, although neither has entirely forgiven the other for the centuries of bloodshed, they have learned from each other.

Do is just the ur-martial art from aksshic all other martial arts are derived. You learned to discern emotions from reason, to find out just how vulnerable and wonderful people really are. As the modern Renaissance of martial arts and Asian philosophy blends with 21st-century culture and technology, the Brotherhood seeds itself once more in the hearts of common people everywhere.

Log in or sign up in seconds. The Masters cannot teach the way to enlightenment, they believe, since each person must find a unique path. When the mind and body come into harmony, the soul follows.

Students of Do can even learn to defend themselves against attacks by unpowered missile weapons. In addition, deflecting a missile requires intense concentration.

Contrary to what many outside the Brotherhood think, not all Brothers and Sisters practice the physical martial art Do.

Akashic Brotherhood – Reality Deviants ~ A Mage: The Ascension Story

Situations that would knock members of other Traditions for a loss seldom do the same to these disciplined mystics. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators.

Also, unlike any conventional martial art it combines the power of the hard martial arts with the grace and cunning of the soft styles. They would have been right had it not been for the police officer who caught you shoplifting and turned you into a pet project. Although Do is the primary structure for Akashic magic, many Brothers add other practices to focus their energy. I can’t remember what the peril was for Paradox in oWoD but I think it was also basically “cthulhu falls, you die.


Alternatively, you may replace one or both of these with a free level of Meditation instead. He put you up in a small boxing gym under a kindly old mentor who somehow knew how to read you like an open book and put up with your belligerence until you had discipline and love for the sport drilled into you. Akashic acolytes come from all walks of life, but all study the Akashic way of leading a pure and simple lifestyle, at least to some degree.

Wandering priests here and there kept the Brotherhood’s ideas alive while the teachings of the Tradition remained a part of many cultures and families. At the character’s choice, the opponent either lands at their feet or up to one yard away in any direction.

The Chakravats realised that it was the entire worldview of the Brotherhood and their basis in Awakened Buddhism and Taoism which formed the basis of Do, and gave up centuries ago.

Basically, the scientific worldview of the present is toxic to magic, as it creates expectations from the observer about how cause and effect work. Rather, it is an appeal to simplification, the removal brothsrhood unnecessary objects and desires so that one can focus on grasping the natural harmony of the universe. Rumor says that they have long held several hidden monasteries and that they keep secret catacombs deep beneath the Earth, where one can find passage to Horizon Realms or discover ancient places of power that tap into the consciousness of the absolute.

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