On 18 Oct @NancyAjram tweeted: “Did you grab you #sayidaty october issue. Here’s the new IV of Barun with #Sayidaty magazine enjoy: D: D: D. Remains Top Online Portal For Women In Saudi Arabia And Across The Region Sayidaty, Arrajol Magazines and SMEA Sign Accord to Boost. Sayidaty Magazine, Mohandeseen, Giza, 1 | Newspapers & Magazines Giza | |

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Click here to remove the Jeddah alert. He discussed hormone replacement therapy HRT and how it can help women who are going through the menopause, as well as his advice for women in this situation.

And judging by the latest tweet from Alan Stern, the lead scientist on the New Horizons mission, the excitement among team members is palpable. Retrieved 8 June The latest treatments for abnormal appearance of the female genitalia, both surgical and non-surgical. Click here to add New York as an alert. Rhetoric, Reductionism and Realities”. Dr Ahmed Ismail in Sayidaty ssayidati, issue on the 8th September Archived from the original PDF on 2 December Disable alert for Paris.

Sayidaty launched its new website in September with a strategy of covering all that are required by Arab women in their daily lives. No. 1 Arab women’s website worldwide !

Twelve Saudi females, distinguished by their creativity, innovation and uniqueness in eight different fields were honored including Princess Rima Bint Bandar Bin Sultan for the sports category; Noha Al-Yousuf and Dr. Saudi Research and Marketing Group. I am really proud to be among these awarded women as each one of them has excelled in her field. In issue of Sayidaty magazine, on the 13th OctoberDr Ahmed Ismail was asked to give his advice on breast cancer. Retrieved 22 May Dr Ismail was featured in Sayidaty magazine on the 11th Augustissue number Magazinw Stand-up Comedians on Netflix.


Click here to remove sayidwti Rabat alert. The year of Sayieati Women. Click here to add Rabat as an alert. The article was part of issue number Disable alert for Riyadh.

Sayidaty Magazine

The flyby will be fast, at a speed of nine miles 14 kilometers per second. Disable alert for Cairo. The farthest exploration of worlds in history!

Bangladesh opposition alliance demands fresh poll. He was referring to a program last week in which IRIB added a caption to say a couple holding hands on screen were married in real life.

Views Read Edit View history. Due to Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’.

We will find out. The success of Sayidaty. WFP accuses Houthis of diverting humanitarian aid in Yemen. Click here to add Cairo as an alert. This article was part of Sayidaty magazine on 28th Julyissue number This page was last edited on 7 Mayat Disable alert for Saydati.

The success of its website on the Internet reflects its wealthy content in both print and Web editions. NASA spaceship zooms toward farthest world ever photographed.


Sayidaty Magazine Archives – Queen’s Clinic

Pakistan is Helping in U. Sulafeh Batirji, executive president of the Droob Waqf Company, the second waqf company to be registered in the Kingdom, told Arab News: He noted, noting that women are partners with men in building nations toward a bright future. Click here to add Beirut as an alert. He talked about the common causes of irregular or missing periods, and whether women should worry about these symptoms. Updated 19 December Updated 31 December Iran students in rare protest over deadly campus bus crash.

List of magazines in Saudi Arabia. Retrieved 28 May Retrieved from ” https: Malak Al-Thaqafi and Dr. An English translation summarising the article is beneath the photographs.

That is far beyond the usual limits in Iran, where men and women are not even allowed to shake hands on screen. This took place in Dubai last week, in a big ceremony to which a wide range of media professionals, advertisers and an elite of public figures in the Arabian Gulf were invited. Print Edition Read pdf version Subscribe now. Retrieved mzgazine September Click here to remove the Dubai alert.