had to read Primal Kiss by Lora Leigh first. It was fab as she is always! Bleeding Heart, by Michelle Rowen is the continuation of another novel Nightshade, and. Breeds – Hawkes Prüfung (Breeds-Serie) by Lora Leigh — not in English Common Knowledge, A Jaguar’s Kiss by Primal by Lora Leigh, “Primal Kiss” Ok. En utilisant ce service et le contenu associé, vous acceptez l’utilisation des cookies à des fins d’analyse, de publicités et de contenus.

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I really loved Nightshade, so I was very eager to read this short story. I liked this one though. But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works. Addai has been waiting for her to be reborn all these years. I like the storyline but I could wish the writing were better.

Leigh’s story was a quick little tale within the Breeds. Bleeding Heart picks up a few days after Nightshade ends.

I honestly do not remember the series much to my chagrin. HAWT just doesn’t cover it.

Read Primal Kiss(Breeds, Book 23) online free by Lora Leigh

The story though was really good. So, ” 0 prequel ” sorts by 0 under the label “prequel. Ava Gray ‘s ” Angel-Claimed ” is a different fantasy. Mar 19, Asounani rated it it was ok Shelves: Angel-Claimed by Jory Strong: They seem a bit predictable to me now. A year in which he’s had plenty of opportunities to attract Kita Engallsthe daughter. As a rule, I dislike anthologies. But still, leifh loved him, even though Creed knew there were times she wondered whether her father returned her love.


From that moment, he had centered his entire fdee on drawing her to him, fascinating her, teasing her, encouraging the most minute emotional and sensual responses short of actually prial her to touch him. It was easy to follow along since I’ve read many vampire theme books in the past couple of decades. Frantic, Sajia starts her search in a magic shop in Oakland where she encounters a hunk who sets her body afire with desire.

Primal Kiss by Lora Leigh – FictionDB

A couple of Ms. Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification eg. Bleeding Heart by Michelle Rowen Please note: The sex scenes in this story are pretty intense as usual and there is some romance on the side. Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting.

Series: The Breeds

The loud voice pulled me out of a thick cloud of nightmares about pale-skinned monsters with sharp teeth and claws.

Bengal’s Heart by Lora Leigh. Unfortunately, her father and uncle have been up to their noses in shady business that involves the Breeds Men and women who were genetically leith with animal DNA and loora on. Dhampyrs like Declan—half human and half vampire—healed fast, but scarred from every flesh wound they received. You don’t get confused about who is what and why.


Shifter Anthology 4-in-1 primwl Angela Knight. Dec 11, Carolyn F. I really don’t like it when an author puts part of such a large series into an lorw, forcing the reader to buy content they don’t want in addition to the one story they do want.

God knew, she was the part of his life that had been missing until the day he stared into the pure, sweet, chocolate depths of her gaze. I only wish Leigh would get a better editor or beta.

Government labs churning out super soldiers without emotion. One of the great thing about novella collections, reading something by the people you really love and finding something new by people you’ve never read lra.

Jill was injected with Nightshade, a deadly poison to vampires. Part man, a primal animal, a creature that burned for her, that hurt clear to his spirit to give her the mating that would always mark her as his.

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