Loi n° 15/ du 1eraoût portant modalités d’application des droits de la femme . des listes électorales dans les conditions prévues par la Loi électorale. PACEC: Projet d’appui au processus électoral en RDC .. o La loi n°15/ du 12 février , valant loi électorale, modifiant et. 28 juil. Conformément à l’article de la loi électorale en vigueur en , la caution était payée par liste et non par siège au montant de FC.

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If the vote is any guide, Bemba could expect to gather strong support in main urban areas — in particular Kinshasa — as well as in his home turf in leectorale north-western former Equateur province which was divided in into five provinces: Hide Footnote Women currently represent only That a number of opposition leaders maintain the aura of being presidential hopefuls to strengthen their hand in intra-opposition negotiations elfctorale complicates efforts to arrive at a consensus.

Several senior members have left to join either the government or other opposition parties. Hide Footnote parliamentarians upped the pressure by delaying their scrutiny of the text, and then linking final debates of the bill to salary negotiations.

Élections en RDC : l’opposition réclame l’invalidation des candidatures du pouvoir

Thus, as inthe Supreme Court of Justice will settle electoral disputes. On 4 Julya memorandum by the opposition 2051 UDPS complaining of voter registration irregularities gave rise to the first clash between police and protesters in Kinshasa. Chiefs can no longer undertake two consecutive mandates and cannot belong to provincial assemblies if they are already members of political parties. Will any opposition leader stand aside to avoid a split opposition vote and, if so, which leaders?

What should be done? In districts where no one list attains an absolute majority, proportional representation would be retained, with lists receiving seats based on their vote totals.

International actors must remain focused on persuading Kabila to stand aside and for elections to take place in December, as scheduled. Parliamentary Resistance The ruling party expected the legislature to take only a few days to rubber stamp its changes, but instead parliamentarians spent three months over the bill, during which they amended it extensively.

Part political party, part armed group, the MLC allied itself with Uganda and occupied most of the north of the country in the subsequent civil war. Hide Footnote — and, in some cases, of losing their seats — deputies rejected the proposed bill on 11 May with votes, against only 23 who favoured the bill and 12 who abstained.

  DIN 80705 PDF

Bemba found refuge at the South African embassy and negotiated his electofale to exile in Portugal in April. Perhaps most important, it proposed changes electrale the way in which deputies are elected.

Hide Footnote In districts where one list receives an absolute majority more than 50 per cent ooi votes, that list would take all seats. Nevertheless, the non-realization of parity between men and women and the non-presence of those living with a handicap shall not be a motive for the inadmissibility of a list. They fear that people from the west could take revenge on the Swahili speakers from the east, associated with the Kabila regime since For a recent example in Chad, cf.

The modifications intended by the ruling party this time sought to shift rules for the election of deputies, which in many cases may have affected their re-election. Hide Footnote imposing significantly more restrictive financial barriers on eligibility.

Présidence de la République Démocratique du Congo | Portail officiel

Moreover several provinces saw demands to extend it and the opposition has denounced irregularities. Bemba has the profile to contest the presidency. Regulating the cooptation of traditional village chiefs and their de-politicisation. Under the de facto leadership of Senate President Kengo wa Dondo these forces thus far have failed to challenge Kabila.

He scored strongly in the west, north, Kasai and Kinshasa. The situation remains fluid, but thus far two opposition blocs are emerging through a process of slow negotiation. The adoption of the electoral law by both houses of the national assembly does not signify that the legal framework for elections is complete.

Hide Footnote Crucially, voter registration influences the political weight of provinces, given that the number of seats per province is determined by electirale numbers of voters.

A year later, he was arrested on an ICC warrant in Belgium. On this important point, the recommendations of the European Union have not been heeded by the Congolese legislature. A return to custody appears unlikely, and even were that to happen and Bemba to serve the maximum sentence, he would be eleftorale in time to participate in the electoral campaign, which starts 22 November The prospect of changes to the voting system used for deputies crystallised opposition against the proposed law.


On 15 Eledtorale the Congolese Parliament adopted, after nearly three months of debate, the new electoral law. It remains unclear whether Katumbi will be able to run, as he is facing numerous legal challenges, including claims that he has forfeited his Congolese citizenship.

After the Pretoria power-sharing agreement, he became, in Julyone of four vice eletorale in the transitional government. The ruling party expected the legislature to take only a few days to rubber stamp its changes, but instead parliamentarians spent three months over the bill, during which they amended it extensively. 0215 said, a more competitive contest could also prove a flashpoint for violence and will make it all the more important that Congolese citizens and politicians regard the rrdc as credible.

But shorn of its figurehead, his party haemorrhaged support, losing 42 of its 64 seats in parliament in the elections. Parliament took three months of debate to reject most of the amendments proposed by the ruling party PPRD.

Hide Footnote As in some other African countries, [fn] From South Africa to Chad, attempts at politicizing traditional chieftains by political powers are numerous. Hide Footnote If the president does find a way to run, then opposition politicians would likely boycott the vote. Related Tags Democratic Republic of Congo.

For President Kabila, whose attempts to retain power face stiff domestic and international opposition lloi or for a successor Kabila anoints — Bemba represents a threat. While the AMP was an alliance of parties on a pretty equal footing, the PM is structured around the PPRD and only political parties with a national representation can belong to it.

Bemba will still have to register in-country as a voter to be allowed to participate in the election as a candidate. He has a functioning but divided party and lacks the resources to wage a nationwide campaign. Such an electoral disposition would have obstructed independents 63 were elected ineliminated some smaller rdx from national representation 56 parties currently have less than 5 seats, including 31 with only 1 seat and, as such, would have put an end to the necessity of political alliances which has dominated parliamentary life during this legislature.