is the national portal of legal information in Tunisia. Having regard to law n° dated 18 August , reviewing the. Journal Officiel de la République Tunisienne — 25 décembre N° Page Vu la loi n° du 8 août , portant refonte de la législation. Operation Nos (‘): 96/88, /88 and /88 — Commission Decision of 30 July 2. Programme: 3. Recipient: STIL (Société Tunisienne de 1 Industrie Laitière), 25, rue Belhassen Ben Chaabane, el , rue de la Loi.

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Dirk, of David and Geertr. Sal, and Sara V.

portant organisation de la profession des comptables (French Only)

Sara, of Isaac and Alida Greveraat. Anjou, omitting only the ornate legal formulas which form part of the deeds, mortgages and wills of the period, presents all that which is of interest alike to the student and the general reader, particularly noting any entry of unusual character.

Roma, Pontifical Gregorian University. Anthony ‘ Liber E. A Christian response, Ibadan, Pomik Nigeria, 80 p. One correspondent states that he was a descendant of Thomas Parks, of Wednesbury in the county of Stafferd.


Vander Poel George W.

One stiver head dress, found in a green box. Maria, of Jeremias and Susanna Schuyler.

He married Elizabeth Leebrick, at Halifax. In both of them tunisje reported as being still in default of their respective proportions of the tax assessed two years before for building the great bridge.

Theunis, of Ruth and Bethy Van Woerdt. Muller and Anna Brat.

Bibliography on Islam in contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa | farouk iddrisu –

Hendrik Van Hoezen, y. Some red pamt in a piece of cloth. Visser, AUda Ten Eyk. In the record of the births of his children at Concord, Lt. Roelof De Vous, y. Problems and prospects, s.

Petrus, of Eck, and Rachel Eckbertsen Wit.: He was m the Civil War and is a pensioner. Should the widow marry again, she is to have the profits of the estate until the children become of age, to maintain and educate them, they then to have one half of the property. Paige in the History of Cambridge; and therefore, having got into print in these several works, all of which are regarded as authori- ties, are now regarded as truth.


Catharina, of Corn, and Maria Van Dyk. Gurin, Aminu Muhammad A translation of these records was made inwhich was subsequently bound in three large folio-volumes. Sept 12, ; xi. This answered every purpose in a primitive and small community where everyone was known, but now leads to much confusion. C, shall have one piece, two portions of land, where I live, one part now given to him, and the other part purchased of my son, L.

She was living- in Winchendon in June a4, 17 11, Cairyntien Tappen see bia will: Welman, May 3, Women, Western education and change: Jochum Brat and Neeltie Groesbeek. He married 2nd, Chloe Slate, Dec. He married Abbey F.

He lived at Stanford- ville, N. Soon Jan Crespel sal hebbe ende genieten” loo wat myn is Competerende van het gecogte landt en de neeger. David, of Jan and Maria, pros. Moore, b March 31,