The test was designed in the 20th century by the Hungarian psychiatrist Leopold Szondi. The aim was to explore the deepest repressed. PDF | Leopold (in Hungarian: LipĆ³t) Szondi was born on the 11 th of March in Nyitra, a settlement that today belongs to Slovakia. The original name of the. SZONDI, LEOPOLD () The Hungarian physician, psychopathologist, and psychoanalyst Leopold (or Lipot) Szondi was born in the Slovakian city of.

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A model attribution edit summary using German: Szondi liked to remark that Sigmund Freud so had saved his life. To interpret the test scores, a variety of methods have been developed by Szondi himself and other researchers.

The recipient of honorary degrees from the University of Louvain in and the University of Paris inSzondi continued to work as long as his health permitted, dying in in a nursing home near Zurich. A person who arrives at least sometimes at the integrative maturity of a Pontifex-Ego is able to bear the constant to and from between psychic poles, and in the end transcends psychic polarities into a balanced unity.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is an extremely difficult task and it is not at all astonishing that we have not yet arrived at this point. Accordingly he distinguished libidinous-sexual forms of attachment based on sexual drive besides particular, participatory-merging modes of attachment belonging to the ego drive in which the desire of unity and congeniality can be lived.

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This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat In his own words he lost his fear of death in the hell of war. This section does not cite any sources. Inas neuropsychiatrist and assistant to Paul Liplt, he zzondi a series of analyses of personality based on constitutional and genetic factors; fromhe worked in private practice.

Mentor of socio-biology The theory of genotropism can be linked to research interests of lipoy, a discipline that connects human and natural science.

A drive system must give us a synthetic sight of the whole of the drive activities, comparable to the saondi impression which white light gives us, but it must also make it possible szoondi display ‘the spectrum’ of the drives just like light can be divided in colours.


Machine translation like Deepl or Google Translate is a useful starting point for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia. The duty of man to recognize the complementary opposites in him and to live them, finds its symbolic interpretation in the integrating figure of Moses. The vertical and horizontal connections create a highly affective network.

If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. In the light of science history, Szondi ranks as one of the first mentors of modern socio-biology.

Therefore it must not be onesidedly aimed at the good and fought lipkt evil, but rather good and evil must be understood as two sides of a unity which to keep in a dynamic balance.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The work objects of the katatonoid professions are the reproductive and abstract sciences: Jung with a szonvi dimension. Szondi believed that people are inherently attracted to people similar to them [ citation needed ]. Personality traits lipott in this group are pedantry, accuracy, exemplarity; lack of humor, taciturnity, brusqueness; phlegm, callousness, calm; hypersensitivity; obstinacy, stubbornness; Inability to debate, self-consciousness; narrow-mindedness, bigotry; compulsiveness, automation, mannerisms; Feeling of omnipotence, autism; inability to be absorbed in the other auto psychological resonance ; taciturnity, immobility, all-having.

With this he tried to build a bridge between human and natural sciences. Jobs of the epileptiform, “Cain” striving e- include: A man may choose a profession in which he can engage with individuals with related inclinations; this is the case of a psychiatrist with paranoid schizoform inclinations, or a lawyer with querulant inclinations and an addiction to litigation.

The fate analysis considers particular man not as isolated individual but as embedded in the visible and invisible context, which accompanies his whole life through his family origin and kin relations. Szondi was convinced to have become a religious person through his father’s influence.

Szondi, Leopold () |

This page was szonfi edited on 20 Decemberat The freedom won and experienced by surmounting the polarities and dualisms is, according to Szondi, the embodiment of fate of freedom and of humanity.

The test was first formulated by Szondi around Although remembered as inventor of a simple and controversial projective test, Szondi always conceived of his technique as an adjuvant to Shicksalanalyse Fate Analysis which was inspired szondo depth analysis.


In a szonei shack he presented his drive-psychological understanding of the human and the inhuman in man, meanwhile he and his listeners were freezing, tormented by fame, and armed SS soldiers went up and down outside. It is a projective personality testthe same category of the most-known Rorschach testbut with the crucial difference of being nonverbal.

Multi-generation perspective The multi-generation perspective is the central starting point of a fate therapy.

Persecution of the Jews The anti-Jewish professional ban in made Szondi loose his official occupations as well as his titles in research and teaching. Being different from the other projective tests, the Szondi Test contains its own theory; that is intrinsic to it.

Szondi test

On the other extreme of the spectrum, the most socially positive professions are professor, logicianphilosopheraestheticiantheoretical mathematicianphysicist. Change of Name The 18 year old changed his last name Sonnenschein into Szondi. In spite of the growing terror against the Jews, Szondi pipot to work on his theory of drive psychology. Four children came from his father’s first marriage. Szondi understood, just as socio-biology tens ilpot years later did, the life of each particular person in a casual, evolutionary sense: It unites the four psychiatric hereditary circles of the thirties and forties newly interpreted as fate circles by Szondi: The father himself had a huge impact on Szondi, influencing his fate-analytical works to a great extent.

Views Read Edit View history. In Szondi’s multi-generation perspective, entanglements, expectations, merits, faults, loyalties, but also resources szonndi forces that cover generations become visible.

His father died the same year. His mother, who died very soon, was remembered by the family as an illiterate, unwholesome woman who had to be supervised by the elder siblings during her depressive periods. The choice reveals lipog situations are approved or reproved, or the ones that evinced indifference from the examinee.

The major discovery of Szondi resides in his drive diagram Triebschema since this diagram presides as well over the construction and working of the test as also to the theoretical elaboration of the liipot data resulting from the test experimentation. Benno Schwabe, five volumes, ; Bern: