I just got this effect by Liam Montier and I think it’s awesome! It’s a self-working mental card routine based on a short story by Roald Dahl! I forgot. Henry Sugar by Liam Montier – Liam Montier – Henry Sugar PDF PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download,Gimmick not included. magic tricks forum – Henry Sugar, by Liam Montier £10 from http://www. The Effect. This is a mentalist card trick.

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Browse Magic Tricks We are not like other magic shops: In turn, they offer it to their customers.

With trembling fingers he directs the mouse pointer to the URL That said, Henry Sugar is right up there with the other 5 star products. In fact, it can be done with other types of cards, not just playing cards per-se. This is a mentalist card trick based on a well known short story sufar Roald Dahl, called “The wonderful world of Henry Sugar”.

The card is then lost in sugaf deck. The complete presentation and method are meticulously explained in the ebook. Lam explains that what he wishes the spectator to do, is to take the cards off the newly shuffled deck one by one.

Repacking and sending to you. I shall be posting a video of an effect using the move to our site shortly.

The props look interesting from the ad. Diplopia by Paul Vigil. What you call heroism is just an expression of this fact; there is never a scarcity of idiots. I must open my wallet Edited by moderators – commercial website advertising is not permitted.


Typically takes 2 – 3 days. But I spend a lot of time with mem deck work, and for me this effect is less useful since mem deck work allows me similar results if I choose. Anyway, don’t take my word for it—talk amongst yourselves and decide that way; I’m biased anyway!

Why do you doubt me?! If you want to get a sense of just one of those ways, check on YouTube for a video of Heney Montier doing this effect.

Study and practice meant that Henry was eventually able to see what playing cards were in an opponents hands just by mentally visualising them.

Oh, and it’s fair to mention at this point that: If you buy the Underground Change and you then find that the move exists elsewhere prior to my publication anywhere in card magic literature in a published form and can prove this, then I will gladly furnish you with one of every product on our site for free! The magician can turn around at that point and — yes, with enough concentration. Liam has set himself a very tough target to beat but I’m sure he’ll do it one way or another!

This happens three times.

I just happened to stumble across it myself a while ago, but only after I had already purchased this PDF. This is by way of a thank you from us for your faith in our product.

Henry Sugar by Liam Montier

Hi JoJo, Yeah new. Mandrake fumbles in his Stealth Wallet, swats away the moths, notices that, on his last remaining ten shilling note, Liaj Victoria blinks in the sudden light and finally extracts his flexible friend.


Sending to our UK warehouse Typically takes 2 – 3 days. Anabelle Special user Posts. I saw the ad, would like to hear what the effect is, as well Tell me, Heirloom, what is the effect exactly? Henry Sugar is easy enough to let the performer concentrate fully on the presentation, uses familiar moves to accomplish the effect, but is different enough to look and feel brand new.

To dispell this accuation, the cards hengy shuffled again by the spectatorand the magician zugar again, but this time he turns his back, whilst the same scenario is repeated.

We send packages out via MyHermes the same day that we receive them. I forgot the website this is on, but I’m sure someone will post it on here. In the first phase, for example, putting them on to apparently read the marks on the back!

Liam Montier – Henry Sugar

So the scene is set — the magician claims that they have seen the manuscript, and have had a certain amount of success with sjgar mental yoga techniques involved.

Interested in Henry Sugar? Thanks for the review Bananafish. Additional links Vanishing Inc. As for some future work Four-Sight By Syd Bergson. I’ve never heard of this site before and some of the effects advertised are not described really well but seem interesting.