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Les clavicules de la Sapience: Claude Le Moal: : Books

Wace, Rou, in G. The spirits of the planets. Quant Sapiencr ot fait Adam e mis en paradis. The use of communier in this latter meaning was ephem eral; it was soon supplanted by the learned form com- muniquer, and henceforth commiinier is restricted to ‘the taking of the sacrament. Oxford Psalms, Ixvii, Barnouw have kindly assisted with elucidation of the Germanic etymolo- gies involved.

Coi has yielded ground before the influence of tranquille and is now used only in informal parlance. The earliest appearance of colere in Sapjence is in the meaning attributed to cholera in Classical Latin: The angels of the planets. Palsgrave, Eclair cissement, etc.

The result of this imposition of a learned vocabulary upon the vernacular speech has been that frequently a native or indigenous word has been at different periods duplicated, from an etymological point of view, sometimes over and over again, with attendant phonetic and semantic differentiation. The use of abur is gradually declining in the modem idiom and abur is rarely used in Latin-American speech. Car homo signifie homme et fenime, et nul mot de franqoys ne signifie equivalent, et animal signifie toute chose qui a ame sensitive et sent quant Ten la toucbe, et il n’est nul mot en frangoys qui ce signifie precise- ment.


Les hommes seculiers s’impliquent a vanitez et es choses mondaines. Gerig and Federico de Onis have given valuable suggestions concerning the treatment of the sub- ject, and have aided in many details of the bibliography. I suddenly beheld, at the end of a thickly-shaded vista of trees, a Light in the form of a blazing Star, which said unto me with a voice of thunder: Abilities of the aforesaid angels and the things over which they have power.

Afterwards, cast incense which has been blessed as will be shown later, and say the oration “Aglo, On,” etc. The folk-form not infrequently peregrin for pelerin, confidence for confiance, copulee for couplee, fragUe for frele, etc. Upon showing this pentacle, they are forced to appear.

Si quis servo dederit libertatem et directo et per fidei commissum in potestate servi est, utrum velit ex directo an ex fidei commisso ad libertatem pervenire. In the seventeenth century it was still common: From this use developed the phrase applied to the chase: This connotation of hopital, however is not exclusively modern. Crient la gent menude. It should be engraved on silver in the hour and day of Jupiter, while Jupiter is in the sign of the Crab.

Afterwards you must have engraved, or engrave yourself, at the same hour, as explained above, the following name and characters: Next take a red apple which you will discover by the stalk of the width of a bean, and having removed the seeds, fill the hollow with this powder, and plug the hole properly with some of that which you have removed.

Hamiel, hel, miel, ciel, joviel, nasnia, magde Tetragrammaton. The orthography cour is explained by Darmesteter H.

The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,

Boileau, Art poetique, 1. Amyot, Publius Aemilius, page Inas noted, Brachet published his well- known Dictionnaire des doublets โ€” the first important con- tribution to the study claviculee the subject and the probable inspi- ration of subsequent studies.


To Visiting Professor Anatole Chamard and to Professors Raymond Weeks and Dino Bigongiari the author owes grateful recognition for painstaking and fruitful criticism of the text. Notre Dame, xxxiv, 2. Occasionally two words are mistakenly regarded as constituting a group, in which, however, one of the members is properly derived from the given etymon plus a prefix or suffix, e. Only one example of a derivative of cholera is found up to the latter part of the fifteenth century: He states that the court preferred the latter form and he supports this spelling.

Paul LaCroix, Sciences et lettres au moy en-age, page ff. Learned in classical Latin beyond any of their predecessors who had deigned to write in French, it was quite natural that these two scholars should enrich the vocabulary of the vulgar tongue by borrowing from the “nobler” parent speech. With the exception of the brilliant article by Turgot in the Encyclopedie โ€” a premonition of the future development of philological science โ€” little advance was made by the grammarians and lexicographers of the siecle de raison, who for the most part were con- tented to remodel, or rather to claviucles, the dictionaries of the preceding century.

It is used also in the sense of ‘falsehood,’ and in certain sapiebce means 47 The Semantics of Doublets a ‘tiimult’ or a ‘noisy crowd. You will also need a burin for engraving on metal whatever is required in the operation.