LENNOX have been providing environmental solutions since , our range of air .. Air-cooled chillers with helicoids fans such as Ecologic or NEOSYS are. NEOSYS™ is providing chilled and hot water for all applications with fan coils, chilled Subject to LENNOX warranty policy and to maintenance contract by an . NEOSYS™ chillers specifications benefits include: high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (ESEER above EER to ); latest generation Variable Frequency.

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Both units can also be seasonally adjusted to offset the water set point, further optimising power consumption. Further power savings can be gained through the optional Neosys free cooling feature. The Neosys and Ecolean are technically impressive innovations with an array of features including Nsosys multi scroll compressors, Owlet variable speed fans and variable water flow, which optimise performance, reduce noise and minimise their carbon footprint. The Lennox Neosys offers cooling capacities up to kW, and heating capacities up to kW, while the smaller Lennox Ecolean offers cooling capacities up to kW and heating capacities up to kW.

When you go to our digital edition, you can also access the archive of digital editions. The wired answer for power and data cabling Creating the perfect hot yoga environment Tests prove that underfloor heating and carpe Achieving efficient and safe recirculating ho Imperial has one of the largest and most diverse university estate portfolios in Modern Building services has lehnox group on Linkedin – join us!


Current Results Past Results. The projects will be predominantly with Defence-related and Government establishments but w Email article Print article. The Neosys and Ecolean series of air to water chiller and heat pumps are available now from Heatcraft Australia.

Lennox completes range of energy-efficient chillers Published: The Neosys air to water chiller and heat pump offers the options of partial heat recovery and free cooling efficiency. With the arrival of the Neosys range of air-cooled chillers, Lennox has completed the Ecolean range and now offers chillers from 20 to kW using RA.

Invitations are invited from experienced Building Services Engineers to assist in the development of a new division within an established professional practice.

This range is designed with the latest technologies to ensure high energy performance all along the year thanks to RA multi scroll compressors, optimized heat exchange surface area associated with eDrive variable speed pump optional. Prices are indicative only and may neoshs by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates.

Lennox completes range of energy-efficient chillers – Modern Building Services

There are four basic modules, and kWwhich can be combined up to a maximum of eight to achieve a chiller combination of up to kW. Underfloor heating meets new Building Regulat A Guide to the 18th Edition of the Wiring Reg Neosys chillers are available as cooling only units from to kW and heat-pump versions from to kW.

Homes England pushes for modular methods Tests prove that underfloor heating and nesys Both the Neosys and Ecolean feature seven-day programming via the Climatic control, which manages power consumption according to use, automatically switching to occupation mode, unoccupied mode neoosys frost free. Cooling pennox range from to kW.


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View the catalog Go to the Lennox website for more information.

The fins can be cleaned with high-pressure air or water cleaners without the risk of them being damaged. This site contains archived content from the journal, plus web-specific content.

Heatcraft has expanded its HVAC range with two new series of air to water liquid chillers and heat pumps. This type of aluminium coil was first introduced in the motor industry, where it has proved to be extremely reliable. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition.

NEOSYS™ air cooled chiller/heat pump

Partial heat recovery is enabled via installation of additional heat exchangers in the compressor discharge lines. Tests prove that underfloor heating and carpe Consistently rated lrnnox the world’s best universities, Imperial College London is a science-based institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research. The Neosys free cooling function operates as a cooling stage that has a priority on the compressor stages, thus limiting compressor running time and extending the life expectancy of the compressor.