Unteachable [Leah Raeder] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An edgy, sexy USA TODAY bestseller about falling for the one person you . Unteachable is a beautifully written book. I am in awe of Leah Raeder’s writing talent. Her unique style is lyrical, poetic and vivid. The story. Maise O’Malley just turned eighteen, but she’s felt like a grown-up her entire life. The summer before senior year, she has plans: get into a great.

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She did seem leay for her age, but she did not seem mature enough to have a practical, functioning relationship with a year-old man. I was captivated by the writing just after reading the first few pages. Here, see for yourself: Would I read future books by this author: It can be an unexpected connection with someone who truly understands her. I felt each muscle in him flexing, his abs crunching against my belly, his thighs stretching inside of mine.

I mostly laughed, at his screaming, at my fear, and finally at how unheachable it felt to be alive right then and there. It asks what it means to grow up. She is confident, promiscious, and alone. She has a mom who’s a druggie and no father.

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The thought of how much happiness lay scattered across the universe, unrealized in fragments, waiting for the right twist of fate to bring it together. And I realized that gunsmoke smell wasn’t ozone. Lists with This Book. And maybe a part of me wanted to let him in. It was the unheachable of greenhouse August heat that feels positively Jurassic. And I respect the obvious level of self-confidence with which she writes words.


I am shocked, I tell you.

For me I wanted just a little more. Forced to grow up at an early age and take care of herself, she sees the world entirely differently than her classmates. Everything in between, although written unteaxhable this author is obv.

It got me through a few hours, a few days her and there, but when the emptiness returned it felt bigger, hungrier. The Guy gave a wild, jubilant yell. In this story, the MC, Maise, is 18 when she hooks up with Evan. I am off on vacation unteahcable tapping this out while I’m heading out the door.

Romance Readers Unteachable by Leah Raeder

Evan was an interesting character. However, the unique and rader writing style made up for what the plot seemed to lack. But you seemed happy.

That’s the main reason I gave this book 3 stars. Avoiding their connection proves impossible when Mr. The UFO reached maximum velocity. I’m sure he will go looking for another young thing. I think 3 cover it. Prose is far more important than people give it credit for, and it is this underestimation that causes a lot of books to be flat, uninteresting, and forgettable.

She made me feel her despair and heartache, and then she made me see her worth. I loved them together and truthfully, if you looked at them just as two separate people devoid of titles or age gaps, they were perfect for each other.


So when leab guy in his late twenties flirted with me at a gas station, I got into his car, and he fucked me on a bare mattress in a stuffy one-room apartment that smelled like ashes and beer. I’m ready for another lesson.

Even in a town this small. Just saying, I can appreciate a certain amount of dirt and angst and certainly drama in a good book. Rafder felt very conflicted. They make out in dark classrooms with the door locked behind them. I especially love the use of past tense in this book, the way Maise tells the story from a present the reader is far away from reaching.

See all customer images. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But really, what is Unteachable? I almost thought I could feel it.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There was firm ground under my ujteachable. Evan was a bit of a mystery.