Balthazar. Genre: Literary Fiction. Balthazar. By: Lawrence Durrell In Darley’s conversations with Balthazar, a doctor and mystic, it soon becomes clear . The dazzling second volume of The Alexandria Quartet—an enthralling and deeply disturbing work of gorgeous surfaces and endless deceptions. In. nce again, in what he calls a “sibling” to his first-rate novel, “Justine,” and is the second volume of a promised tetralogy, Lawrence Durrell writes of modern.

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Notify me of new posts via email. I was taken with this quote: It raised questions about the risks Durrell was taking. The reader is in much the same position as Darley, forced to reevaluate his memories and interpretations of the actions and motives not only of other characters but also of himself.

This is the second book in Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet, and I can’t imagine reading it without reading Justine first. Like music on the page.

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He is giving the story depth. To ask other readers questions about Balthazarplease sign up. Newer Post Older Post Home.

As with baroque or classical music, there is the introduction of themes, their development, and their recapitulation. In a bad mood, I called my editor.

The city of Alexandria might be a metaphor for life and perhaps for lawrdnce individual as well, but he must escape it in order to know himself.

The dazzling second volume of Balthhazar Alexandria Quartet —an enthralling and deeply disturbing work of gorgeous surfaces and endless deceptions. Jun 17, Ahmed rated it liked it.


Coetzee by Jan Wilm Particularly since the publication of Elizabeth Costelloa strong academic conversation Balthazar arrives on a passing steam-boat with the loose-leafed Inter-Linear — as the narrative manuscript that Darley, the Narrator had sent to Balthazar in Alexandria is now “seared and starred by a massive interlinear of sentences, paragraphs and question marks The power of invention has been conferred by nature upon few, and the labor of learning those sciences, which may by mere labor be obtained, is too great to be willingly endured; but every man can exert such judgment as he has upon the works of others; and he whom nature has made weak, and idleness keeps ignorant, may yet support his vanity by the name of a critic.

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When I think about his effect on me as a writer I am reminded of an anecdote from Plato I read back when I was in college: More than any other character Balthazar’s new information changed the way that Nessim is perceived.

Looking for More Great Reads? None of this is boring. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. Always Alexandria itself hovers just in the background, providing an ambiance that is various, decadent, polymorphous, and strange.

The Other’s Love of the Self If our individual perspective can change in space, then perhaps we might also need the perspectives of other individuals to approach the truth more assuredly? This section is primarily related in Balthazar’s voice, and is about the novelist Pursewarden — who is modelled on the British Novelist Wyndham Lewis.

View all 3 comments. Beyond that idea, too, I want to stop all this.

Balthazar – Lawrence Durrell

In the description of the aftermath of his death, the denizens of Scobie’s quarter ransack his house, steal lawrrence meagre possessions and drink all the bootleg arak he has been distilling in his bathtub.


Even having read Justine not too long ago, I kept feeling a need to go back and re-read to try to fit Balthazar into the context of the first novel.

But the ugly accusations against Durrell were there in the Times: The characters are to me extremely interesting, and the setting of Alexandria is both exotic and romantic.

Other moments are hilarious – a parrot who recites parts of bwlthazar Koran interspersed with fart noises – or surreal – the circumcision booth set up at the local festival, where unwary teen boys leaning back in the barber’s chair hardly know what’s happening to them until they feel the knife. Views Read Edit View history.

I liked the first two volumes of the Lawrenfe quartet very much, and for two reasons. But the author is also stepping back and reflecting on love and life, and Durrell writes so beautifully that hearing the passages again was like revisiting a favorite poem. People of different religions and races mate. I love the ache in the dureell here, the yearning to remember in order to understand the conflicts that took place in this mystical city.