La Scouine has 80 ratings and 6 reviews. LA SCOUINE est le surnom donné à l’ une des filles de l’habitant Urgèle Deschamps, et c’est autour de ce personna. La Scouine has 80 ratings and 6 reviews. Julie said: Une oeuvre étonnante qui devrait provoquer la jalousie de plusieurs de nos contemporains par l’audac. De à , Albert Laberge fut chroniqueur sportif au journal La Presse à Montréal. Mais il y fut aussi, simultanément, critique d’art. Membre de l’.

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La Scouine d’Albert Laberge by Lorianne Foisy on Prezi

Implicitly, this past could also serve as the model for future continuity through fidelity to tradition. The site is described in detail which approaches the necrophilic – ‘Teau s’infiltrait lentement dans le sol, pourissant les cercueils en quelques mots et faisant de la chair humaine une sorte de bouillie fangeuse et infecte” p. The degree to which Laberge’s work may have influenced the French-Canadian writers who followed him is uncertain. La Scouine cruelly cheats a blind beggar of some of his money.

Les Editions de I’Actuelle,p.

Pascal-Olivier rated it liked it Sep 18, Edition priWe,p. Symbols also help foster unity.

Ultimately, his techniques and themes were to prove among the early, disturbing fruits of a rich and productive soil. Luc Bourbonnais rated it liked it Jul 13, In this chapter of La Scouinehowever, the death of the dog is made the most vivid example of abnormal callousness through sckuine detailed, though concise, description of the animal’s struggle to survive after La Scouine has thrown it in the well to sckuine. Veronique Perron rated it liked it Jun 25, Jean Rivard first addresses the reader directly in a manner which, for all its good humour, is basically homiletic.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Arsenal81 rated it liked it Aug 13, The heroine or rather the center figure in the tableau, as there are no heroes nor particularly a plotcalled La Scouine as a small child by her classmates to mock her rank smell from wetting the bed so often, begins a bully and grows into a virago; she and her whole family are generally motivated by greed, anger, envy, cruelty, and spite, and they are not particularly unrepresentative of the farming community in which they eke out a living in the face of random violence, specifically English political terror, bad weather to reverse which the opportunistic priests urge pietyand the cosmic indifference or bloody-mindedness of fate.

La Scouine has wcouine most often compared to Zola’s La Terre because each work is concerned with a dark depiction of rural life. In any event, to call Laberge’s book an objective representation of the actual world it purports scoouine describe is, I think, to misread it.

Julie Brunet rated it liked it Feb 29, Like one of Maupassant’s stories, “Pierrot,” this episode explores distortion of values in terms of the relationship between man and his animals.

La Scouine – Oxford Reference

A comparative approach is helpful wcouine this discussion through brief reference to the other works that have already been mentioned. Unlike Zola, however, Laberge does not create large and cohesive patterns of action, be they generational, seasonal or historical. Both groups are characterized by a laconic patois and both share a common, avaricious and suspicious nature so aptly crystallized in Ringuet’s description of the priest in Trente arpents:.


When the wagon arrives at the cemetery, the ground is found to be marshy.

Sandra rated it liked it Jan 15, Two examples substantiate this difference. The irony which marks this kind of brutalized characterization and this kind of prosperity is distinguished to a considerable degree by the grotesque. The scouihe of the grotesque, so important to later French-Canadian fiction, brought down on Laberge the shocked opprobrium of the church when several chapters of La Scouine were published in the reviews Le Terroire and La Semaine in The dismemberment with which scoine book opens is “un avertissement et un symbole: Laberge seems to suggest that the grotesque distortions of life and environment are deadly parts of a brutalizing and destructive interdependence.

Alexandra Daris rated it liked it Jul 19, They resemble the characters of Erskine Caldwell’s Tobacco Road and God’s Little Acre, human aberrations marked by a “grotesque and malignant innocence. Other stories in Maupassant on souine themes consistently exploit the grotesque. The details in the chapters about the brothers are deliberately graphic.

La Scouine

Editions de I’Universibg d’Ottawa,p. Marc Boisseau rated it liked it Jul 22, The short story structure permits and emphasizes concentration on detail rather than on large patterns.

The literary structure creating and issuing from such a perspective was, of course, romance, the pattern involving the elevated drama of representative characterization, conflict, affirmative resolution. This technique expresses the grotesque not in the fantastic or fanciful, but in the quirks of the morbid and subnormal.