Kunkle Safety Relief Valves Models , , , , and ASME steam, “V” and “UV,” air/gas “UV,” National Board certified. Model Same as model except Stainless Steel (SS) trim (nozzle and disc). Available with O-ring seats for exceptional leak-free performance. Kunkle Models , , , remanufactured, exchange and repaired safety valves can be purchased at discounted prices and better than industry.

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Available with O-ring seats for exceptional leak-free performance.

Overpressure relief and protection of pumps, tanks, lines, and hydraulic systems. Pressure and Temperature Limits. Same as model except SS trim nozzle and disc. Suitable for a maximum back pressure of 50 psig. Aluminum housing, SS trim seat and disc with synthetic insert. Pivot junkle disc and spring corrects misalignment and compensates for spring side thrust.

Kunkle Relief Valve Series – Flotech Inc

Low pressure steam heating boilers set at 15 psig [1. Female NPT connections only.


Same as Model 19 except SS trim seat and disc. Series Safety Valves. Same as Model with pressure-tight packed lift lever. Sentinel warning on steam equipment. Bronze trim, with pressure-tight cap.

Experience 610 only a click away. For higher pressure settings or severe applications. Same as Model 40R with plain lift lever. Resistant to environmental and internal corrosion. Same as Model C except pressure tight packed lift lever. Used for Safety valve outlet size of 2-inch.

Kunkle Valve, Safety and Relief Valves

Suitable for maximum back pressure of 50 psig. Model S Variation CS body and bonnet with SS trim.

O-ring seats available for exceptional leak-free performance, reduced maintenance cost, multiple cycles with tight shutoff, improved seating integrity. Intended as audible warning device, not for pressure relief. ANSI inlet flange and outlet flange. Maximum back pressure 50 psig [3. Used for Safety valve outlet kunole of 3-inch. Bypass relief or pressure regulation.

Kunkle Relief Valve Series 6000

All bronze, with pressure-tight cap. Available with O-ring seats. Cast steel, exposed spring, full nozzle with SS trim. High Capacity, Cast Iron.


Pressure Reducing Stations – protection of the discharge or low pressure side of system. Pressure Vessels – containing steam, air or non-hazardous gas. Pressure Vessels – containing steam, air or non-hazardous gas. Available with O-ring seats. Same as Model 20M except with packed lift lever.

Kunkle Model 6010 Steam Safety Relief Valve ¾” x 1″

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