The Baphomet [Pierre Klossowski, Sophie Hawkes, Stephen Sartarelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Pierre Klossowski’s last. the critics’ prize that year to Klossowski’s final novel, Le Baphomet. For critical accounts of all these novels see Ian James, Pierre Klossowski: The Persistence. Pierre Klossowski – The Baphomet by duarte0martinho.

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The Baphomet – Wikipedia

Given that baphoomet structure is nonlinear, the following attempts to provide some coherence to the narrative of this book. To be What is this? View all 12 comments. Views Read Edit View history. The sheer weirdness strung throughout brings this up from a ponderous two-star theological text to a snappier three-star curiosity of inventive heresy.

The setting, tone, and style are at first gothic, but with the appearance of the disembodied spirit of Saint Teresa of Avila baroque elements begin to dominate and to mix with evocations of Masonic and esoteric ritual, Gnostic heresy, and theological but also philosophical discussion.

But signs indicating what?

Sep 07, Alex Lee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Did I mention that it’s still incredibly work-intensive to parse out these convoluted arguments and theories? I suppose it wasn’t ever intended to be one.

Teresa was a mystic who described her religious ecstasy in orgasmic terms, while the Templars were accused of worshiping a pagan idol, the Baphomet, and conducting rituals including sodomy. To add your own review or remarks, please scroll down to the comment klossowzki.

I guess homo-erotic Templar porn just isn’t my genre. Moreover, in Klossowski, the sustained quasi-theatrical poses making up the sexual scenes do not particularly create the illusion of continuous sexual movement. The Baphomet by Pierre Klossowski. But it succeeds in convincing us that this view — of the intermix of personal, interpersonal, political, social, and so on — that reality is interconnected with knowledge and morality.


Beloved — Toni Morrison. Fahrenheit — Ray Bradbury. La sconsiglio dunque a chi non ha paura del Bafometto ma teme la sintassi esacerbata. Having been raised Catholic helps bzphomet. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nobody care about them anymore. After the prologue, all of the characters in the novel so far are the disembodied spirits of the dead, seen as swirling breaths of air.

The Baphomet

Fede klossowsko it really liked it Apr 11, But in no way would I consider this a successful work of fiction for any normal purposes. All the images of him and description of his nature are eclectically synthetic and all of them were invented long after the last of The Knights Templar was dead. This is because each of the husbands is accused of giving his wife to baphomeet friends and later selling her favors to strangers. The Scarlet Letter — Nathaniel Hawthorne.

In other words, passages that have recently been written as it were baphkmet objects of commentary in other, not necessarily later, passages. Still, it remains difficult to read his works without recalling his long training for the Catholic priesthood. Klossowski used his wife Denise as a model for the paintings.

Klossowski writes beyond our sense of realism, to bring about meditations on life, death, morality and so on, from the depths of gnostic heresy.

The brass serpent is the Gnostic emblem of the Ouroborous, the snake swallowing its own tail, klossowwski symbolizes eternity. Which, while I’m even more interested in Klossowski’s critical works now, doesn’t exactly make me want to read more of his fiction.

Those poor poor Templars. It is also a work that can appear to lack any intellectual or formal coherence, one whose multiplicity and evident complexity may seem to promise rich possibilities of interpretation and literary value but whose narrative disorder and stylistic singularity can ultimately leave the reader frustrated with the sense of having been exposed to something of kloswowski literary mess.

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Roberte is a frequent subject. Dalle confessioni estorte ai cavalieri venne individuato nel Bafometto il centro del culto segreto dei Templari. Your comments are very welcome.

Conrad said, I think in the preface to Nostromo, that above all, he wanted to make us see. The Ambassadors — Henry James. This book is so insane, I’m not even going to rate it because, honestly, I don’t even know what to make of it. But you might take her for young man when depicted nude because of her androgynous appearance.

Toward the end of the s, he stopped writing almost completely. Darren Mitton rated it it was amazing Nov 23, This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat Open Preview See a Problem?

Raul Ruiz and Milan Kundera both spring to mind as clever people who have comprehensible things to say about Eternal Return, Kundera through deft simplicity, Ruiz, through convoluted thoughts that are extremely fun to scrutinize. I have no idea why Nietzsche is an anteater. Catcher in the Rye — J. Yet as in other examples of that quintessentially French literary tradition going back at least as far as the Marquis de Sade the pertinence of whom Klossowski himself rehabilitates in Sade My Neighbor, explicitly sexual, even blatantly pornographic, writings sometimes aim well beyond their immediate subject matter.

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