Your Memory will help to expand your memory abilities beyond what you thought possible. Higbee also includes sections on aging and memory and the latest. Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It. Front Cover. Kenneth L. Higbee Overall this is a great book to help you grasp how your memory functions. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more.

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For someone who thinks this book may help you improve your memory by remembering books that you’ve read like meit may be a disappointment. Don’t read this book kenndth about ways to improve your memory.

Dec 12, Caspar Vega rated it really liked it. The Loci system, the Rhyming technique and the Phonetic system all have various benefits, and they do work.

Study less and get better grades? What was the first item? I find it to be inspiring to see its great applications and that most people benefit greatly from these techniques. Want to Read saving…. If you have no interest in the science, or why we forget and why we remember, or the basic principles behind remembering, you might prefer one of the popular memory books that jump right in. And it also feels great to remember effortlessly to more things than you could before.


It now seems to me an incredible waste of time and money to go through 12 to 16 years or more of education and not have the basic tools at your disposal for remembering more of what you learned.

It’s biggest asset is on the study of memory and it’s how’s and why’s. Higbee Limited preview – Actually, there is another saying that is probably more accurate, but is not quite as well known: This book will give me the edge I need.

I really need to blow my card playing competitors out of the water.

Your Memory : How it Works and How to Improve it

In other words, mnemonics don’t cure absentmindedness. They tend to have solely motivational value — that is, they help you care. This book starts out a bit dry, and takes a while to get into actually usable content. Those who want to understand and improve memory.

Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It – Kenneth L. Higbee – Google Books

A highly informative and useful book. The five basic techniques he describes are: Remember the names yojr faces of people you meet? It felt as if he was defending himself a bit much, and that put me off a little. Higbee, the author, is a psychology professor at Brigham Young University where he teaches classes in learning strategies and memory improvement. While some of the references are now fairly dated, the memoyr still hold true.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I just wanted to improve my memory for things that I’m interested kennth remembering long term, as well as short t I read this immediately after reading Moonwalking with Einstein: No Bullshit More on that later. And in our day and age of electronic devices some may say that these memory techniques have less relevance.

Study less and get better grades? Higbee also includes sections on aging memkry memory and the latest information on the use of mnemonics. Verbose But Informative This book on memory contains a lot of extraneous detail from primary psychology research, but at least is free of the new-age self help rigmarole that clutters up so many other books in this genre.

Buy it and teach it to your children.

Upon recall, I could remember every name of the kennetth we were shown. Or I get one crazy set of connections mixed up with another.