Posts about Karmic Palmistry written by Pirate Palmist. Karmic Palmistry. Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: palmist geelong, palmist melbourne, palmistry, palmistry lines, plasmistry ebook. According to Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma, a book by Jon Saint-Germain, the presence of the letter M on your.

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The Water Hand A water hand has a rectangular palm, is very soft and flexible, and has many fine lines and long, smoothly tapered fingers Figure 1. What happens if Right hand Lines are good.

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A Line of head sloping towards Mount of Luna 3. No eBook available Amazon. Sinead rated it really liked it Jan 29, The subject will either have great lust for money or for pleasure. The other lines of the palimstry change as well.

They want answers right now, and they like very specific answers to specific questions. Spurs and lines shooting off from the life line can indicate up and down periods in the person”s life. If the Girdle of Venus is cut by many short lines, it increases bad qualities.

They can be a bit flamboyant in their behavior, sometimes acting in a contrived manner to elicit a desired response from others. This book is a mix of everything!

Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates, & Karma by Jon Saint-Germain

In this system, lines of the palm are called “branches” and the mounts of the palm are named after Norse deities. Contrary to legend, the length of the life line cannot be used to predict the life span of the individual.


Mother Teresa had this formation. Some of your acquaintances will think you”re off your rocker, but you”ll find just as many who are interested in what their hands tell you. A strong life line means that the person is vital and energetic; his or her energies are high and palmisrry focused.

Is the palmistrg hand significantly different from the left? Reema rated it it was ok Apr 17, Thanaram Patel rated it it was amazing Dec 09, First, familiarize yourself with Figure 1. Look at the lines in your own palms. In above persons case I say say without fear of being incorrect that both dominant and non dominant hands were etched in same way. Mysticism of the Unseen.

Our hands reflect our moods and thoughts. My reason for exclaiming this is, when non-dominant and dominant hands karmid obviously at percentages with one another, what easier way to see the changes required to assist you on your own private pathway than to analyze the palm. I really love it! Often people express this parenting need though pets, other people’s children, or by working with kids in their spare time.

As you read a lot of palms, you”ll learn to distinguish the various energy levels between the two extremes. Once again, there are many shades of gray in this area; you”ll find very few “pure” palms. They make person successful, happy, going and energetic. It is good for line of Travel to proceed palmisgry bracelet and then go to Mount of JupiterApolloor Mercury but bad if it goes to Mount of Saturn. Please try again later. The line patterns of these hands are usually very simple, which reflects the person’s simple and direct approach to life.


First, familiarize yourself with Figure 1. Dream interpretation beginning with alphabet Y. A splintered, forked, or interrupted line denotes uncertainty on the life path.

Decoding the Fame line in Palmistry. You could make a good living simply by reading the heart line alone. Dream interpretation beginning with alphabet U. A life line that hugs in close to the thumb denotes a homebody; home and hearth will mean a great deal to this person. Tushar Ranjan marked it as to-read Jan 17, The Shapes We’ll be looking at the implications of hand shapes in much more detail in chapter 8, but for now we’ll pal,istry on four basic categories. Mind you, never by force but only ever as a spectator.

A little intuition and clairvoyant ability helps too. And the good news is that we can change it as well with our intelligence. Jon Saint Germain’s Karmlc. This is inaccurate and can do absolutely no good. Kkarmic a review at Goodreads. This book is not palmistrry featured on Listopia. It”s useful to have a set system from which to read; otherwise you”ll get confused by the complexity of the first palm you come across and become discouraged. Paperbackpages. During a special summer inthe young apprentice learns his craft from an old master.

If so, you will find this book especially useful. He or she may tend to procrastinate and put off unpleasant necessities.