In this blog I’ll talk about various miniature games. Custom miniatures and minor conversions are my favorite pastime. I’ll cover scenery making. Hey fellow dawi, I was just wondering the other day about Karak Varn. We have quite a lot of info on many of the other holds but what do we. Fortunately for the emperor, Kellar’s Keep is supposedly connected to the Dwarven Fortress, Karak Varn, by a series of now abandoned tunnels.

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Many great Dwarfs died and kaarak some Runic weapons to the depths of the lake. Varn is again lost to the Skaven. Home to vile enemies of the dwarves now, and yet another grudge to be held. Karak Varn, meaning Lake Hold, was the wealthiest Dwarf city in all of the Karak Ankor thanks to sitting atop the largest deposits of Gromil in the world. In this HUGE tiles set, larak find no less than 20 A3 format tiles sheets full of corridors, rooms, sets of staires and junction, fully compatible with your Advanced Heroquest or Heroquest Game.

Initially successful, Karak Varn once again began to turn out Gromil ore, much of which was shipped to Zhufbar and Karaz Karak for processing. Herre you’ll find the second PDF booklet with no less than 13 sheets full of tiles in A3 format. It’s listed as a ruined hold, close to the moot and Zhufbar. Hope you like it!

Deep mines led to disaster during an earthquake as the lowe levels flooded. I’ve forgotten my oarak. Here is a new version of the Dungeon Lair, with better torch effects.

  KB3910SF C1 PDF

Generally the information is as follows: It can be a trap, or the final danger of a quest, for example a sacrificial pit. The Dwarfs have relinquished the corrupted stronghold, but have not forgotten the precious Gromril within farn mines – expeditions frequently brave the terror of the dark beneath Karak-Varn for the remnants of the Gromril still to be found in the deeper passages.

The White Dwarf, Hero from Karak Varn | Miniature Games Construction Yard | BoardGameGeek

Generally Karak Varn is very much an homage to Khazad Dum in LotR, most precious metal in the world, failed reclamation, and evil lake deal. In other languages Deutsch. Engineers have built many cunning devices to enable the Dwarfs to probe the depths, even those underwater, where the richest and as yet unplumbed workings can be found. Rich hold and lots of Gromril. City was abandoned and is now known as Crag Mere.

Karak Varn | Cirsova

Dwarf holds The Empire. And two dungeon sheets, with sewer duct and bridges, spiked walls traps and so on. Several functions may not work. Based by Black Water.

Mega Warhammer Battle: Siege of Karak Varn

The only mention in any fluff that I have come across is a small reference to the occasional engineer from Zhufbar using submersibles to delve into the black water and Karak Varn breach to look for treasures, though many dont come back with strange stories of old dangers inhabiting the dark lake?

For the long years since its construction, Krak had been regarded with envious eyes kwrak the Skaven, for similar reasons to those which had brought the dwarfs to it in the first place.


You’ll find it here: The nature of the Black Water crater made the perfect location for the Dwarfs to mine Gromril – the star-iron which Dwarfs used to forge legendarily solid armour and razor-sharp weapons. Occasional expeditions are led to retrieve Gromril, using ingenous diving machines to reach the deepest levels. My new booklet of Dungeon Dressing is about to be finished.

Also many expeditions have been made into the Hold for some of the riches that were left behind.

Today, it is a ruin, given up to the Skaven and other enemies of the Dwarfs. This made the whole foundation of the hold unstable. Posted 27 February – The earthquakes that opened the time of woes shattered this system and lead to wide spread flooding throughout the holds deeper mines claiming the lives of a good number of the hold’s vzrn in the process.

Karak Varn

The Skaven and Goblins could only be held at bay for so long and soon the mines and ore convoys came under increasing attack. Further attempts to secure the hold have failed and the damage incurred during these ventures have flooded an even greater part of the hold. Be sure to have photo paper vzrn A3 format for a better result in printing this booklet.