KARAITE ANTHOLOGY Excerpts from the Early Literature TRANSLATED FROM ARABIC, ARAMAIC, AND HEBREW SOURCES WITH NOTES BY LEON. Karaite Anthology. Edited and translated by Le. Yale University Press. Pp. xxvi, (Yale Judaica Series. Volume vii). This book marks the first attempt in. Results 1 – 30 of 39 Karaite Anthology: Excerpts from the Early Literature by Nemoy, Leon (ed.0 and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles.

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The lot of the latter class was fai from easy under the heavy burden of double taxation, high land rentals and interest charges, and frequent ravages of foicign and civil wars. If he had had any other children, aside from Mahlon and Chilion, he surely would have taken them with him, and the narrator would have mentioned them immediately after Mahlon and Chilion.

These three mild reforms constitute the total changes introduced and generally accepted during the entire course of Karaite history. Or if you will not come because you are running about in tumult and haste after your merchandise, then send at least five men from each city in the Dispersion, together with their sustenance, so that we may form one sizable community to suppli- cate our God at all times upon the hills of Jerusalem, m accord- ance with the aforementioned verse: For all these things my hand has made, and all these have thus come to be, says the Lord.

Catalog Record: Karaite anthology, excerpts from the early literature | Hathi Trust Digital Library

And the answer to the former argument applies to the latter as well: And in general he who fears God must keep away from all things subject to doubt as to their permissibility. They cannot withdraw from this contradictory path. The social stratification produced an upper class, repre- sented by the governmental bureaucracy, the upper layer of the intelligentsia, and the wealthy landowncis, bankers, and mer- chants; a middle class, including the lower layer of intellectuals; and the great mass of rural tenant faimers and ban artisans and laborers.


This, the holders of this opinion continue, is further supported by the statement in the story of Ahasuerus: How then should they proceed They should write down their occupations. These are the well-known sects, according to the informa- tion accessible to us. A resident of Spam, he was, so far as is known, the first European scholar to attend the Babylonian academics.

He must say before the Merciful One: Hearken to the Lord, arise and come to Jerusalem, so that we may return to the Lord. Another instance is the passage, and she gave birth to Cain Gen. Yet notwithstanding his ignorance he held himself in high esteem, for in his woiks he made little of Anan and often called him stupid.

The cause of both shall come before God. On the other hand, the commen- taries on Lamentations and Ecclesiastes attributed to him contain nothing directed against the Gaon, or even against the Rabbanites, and consequently their authenticity is subject to some doubt.

This is one of the funda- mental principles of biblical exegesis. He must then acknowledge and praise God for His miracles, as it is written: It, too, shall be antuology to Assyria, for a present to the King Contentious. This refers to IS making the two golden calves and to his call to the people: Meaning, presumably, for continuing outwardly as a Rabbanite and not breaking openly with the Rabbanite synagogue. All these things are already mentioned and are con- tained therein; They are bound and fastened therein as firmly as with ropes.

In much of what he said he hit upon the truth, but in some instances he did not adhere to the method of analogy; rather he widely anthloogy from it.

One can only guess at the reason for this lack of popularity by re- flecting that al-]K. Further con- fusion was brought about antholgoy disagi cement among Karaite scholars about particular problems involved in time icckomng.


Catalog Record: Karaite anthology, excerpts from the early | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Toward the end of his life, for some unknown reason, he is kaaraite to have moved to Aleppo, Syria, where he died. The Karaites themselves were almost devoid of historical sense and were ajthology absorbed in matters of law and ritual to keep authentic historical records of their past.

Yet who is there today who knows the significance of these names of forbidden birds of Lev. How he came to break with the faith of his fathers we do not know, but it seems certain that it was not the result of angry disappoint- ment over the failure of his candidacy for the office of exilaich, as the traditional Znthology account would have it.

It earned for him a hazy sort of prestige among the other sectarians, while later Karaism elevated him to ajthology dignity of the father of its synagogue and honored his lineal descendants with the title of prince. If their words require interpretation with words of men of understanding, Then this Mishnah cannot be the Law of the Master of masters.

Here, too, the evidence is rather scanty and needs fuither ampli- fication. This is also expressed by King David in the verse, 0 Lord our God, how magnificent antholkgy thy name. It is not unlikely that in the time when the judges ruled might refer to Judges whose history has not been recorded in detail in the Book of Judges, such as Jair, Ibzan, and Tola.

Unlike Anan, who wrote, so far as we know, anthloogy in Aramaic, and unlike his own successors, who wrote mostly in Arabic, Ben- I. Therefore it IS written further on: