Jenna Miscavige Hill (born February 1, ) is an American former Scientologist . After leaving of the efforts to exploit Mr. Miscavige’s name. We note that recollections in Miss Hill’s book are dramatically at odds with 30 of her classmates. Jenna Miscavige Hill was raised to obey. As the niece of the Church of Scientology’s Enlarge Book Cover Audio Excerpt. Left hand banner -. Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, was raised as a Scientologist but left the controversial Enlarge Book Cover.

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Return to Book Page. The room in which I was talked to took up miscavive entire wedge of the building, and the floor had construction dust all over, with drywalled windowed walls, with little cheap tables set up and folding chairs, where there were several of us being individually introduced to Scientology. View all 12 comments.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [I am curious about hour the executives of Scientology were able to earn their money. Jenna Miscavige Hill is jenba niece of the leader who succeeded Hubbard.

Once upon a time, a space alien called Xenu killed millions of other aliens, called Thetans. She grew up as a member of the Sea Organization, and was disconnected from her parents at a young age. Jenna didn’t have a chance – her parents were Scientologists, most of her family were Scientologists, it’s just a family cycle that Jenna was born into and before too long no, seriously, like at a very young age Jenna had signed a billion-year contract with the Sea Org, one of the orders of Scientology.

After leaving the Ranch in she began training in the CMOwhere Hill claims she was given repeated ” security checks “, investigations looking for confessions of misdemeanors known as withholds from past and present lives. I find it rather incredible that celebrity Scientologists, who are clearly not exposed to the darker side of Scientology, are not even willing to entertain accusations of the Church’s abuses. If you become angry you are accused of a ‘withhold’ meaning you have done something that you are not telling.

The subjects studied were bizarre ritualistic instructions and memorizations – which seemed to me to be either entirely OCD verbal and physical rituals, or Arkham Asylum busy work.

Books by Jenna Miscavige Hill and Complete Book Reviews

Archived from msicavige original on 30 December I will say up front that I view Scientology much the same way I view organized religion as a whole, which is offensive to many. At age 7 they were required to sign a billion year contract of servitude with the Church of Scientology.


Ron Hubbard died, and keeps all the little members in line.

THis helped her in the beginning to get some s I chose this book because a friend of mine on Goodreads read it and loved it. There was a device sitting in the corner with a label on it that said E-Meter. He believed that many individuals had been “culturally primed for what the New Age has to offer”, with the New Age attracting “expressive” people who were already comfortable with the ideals and outlooks of the movement’s self-spirituality focus.

Don’t read this book if you are looking for a shocking or scandalous narrative that reveals the secrets of various celebrities or church members.

It seems my latest topic of interest is the personal struggle, which will surely open up avenues jennq angst and some painful revelations. I’m not the religious sort myself and find most religions somewhat screwy anyway, but that’s just me.

From being separated from her family to her marriage being sabotaged, I haven’t read an Although nobody asked me to, in comparison to Leah Remini’s ‘Troublemaker’, I took this book as a shedding of light on how someone in The Hoax of Scientology that isn’t a celebrity is treated when disconnected from the cult.

For it is this book, by Jenna Miscavige, on growing up inside this organization. I am impressed by her, that she is speaking out at all and that she is a constant source of support for others. I’m so glad I did. The ending was a little flat for me but I think this is a really good memoir or autobiography about living with Scientology and the way it affects people’s lives. In a word, horrifying.

And if everything she says is true, she did a wonderful thing by exposing the human rights violations and child abuse hidden within the upper ranks of the church. She was also dealt a shit hand, so I have difficulty putting all my sympathy in Jenna’s basket when it comes to bad upbringings in the name of religion.

During our course period, we were now required to get a daily meter check, to be administered by a supervisor. They were systematically brainwashed to believe things such as the Thetan theory which is that we are all evolved from ancient aliens from the Galactic Confederacy Xenu.

Jenna Miscavige Hill

Scientology reminds me of Stalinism. Her descriptions of the church actually fits every line of the list on how to run a mind-control cult, using the proven indoctrination methods of authoritarian regimes, prisons, religious cults and military units the world over.


If you know me personally, you will know that I had a rough start in life. I need to be preface this by saying that I’m not judging anyone’s metaphysical beliefs.

Only 1 left in stock – order soon. After all you’ve been through with shunnings and separations as a child Jenna waits months and years to see her parentsyou don’t know whether to laugh or cry when on p.

The more people involved the more tax free money sucked out of pockets. Hubbard died, or “dropped his body” as they term it meaning he has outlived its use and will surface one day in another try not to giggle. She is, of course, the niece of current chairman and buddy to Tom Cruise, David Miscavige.

For 60 years this religious cult has been recruiting members and keeping them hostage. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Jenna deserves 5 million stars for being born into Scientology, raised on a compound surrounded by and submerged in Scientology doctrine, and somehow getting both herself and her husband out, despite being the niece of the pack leader.

The loud tone was exactly what she was supposed to do and how every Scientology session commenced. Both sides of her grandparents were devoted Scientologists and her parents were leaders in the Sea Org where the highest rank and most devoted Scientologists belong with prominent and important jobs.

Jenna Miscavige Hill – Wikipedia

Detailing some of the Church’s notorious practices, she also describes a childhood of isolation and neglect—a childhood that, painful as it was, prepared her for bolk tough life in the Church’s most devoted order, the Sea Org.

It was a Christian denomination. He suggested that the movement appealed to many former practitioners of the s counter-culture because while they came to feel that they were unable to change society, they were nonetheless interested in changing the self. Oct 05, Alissa Patrick rated it liked it Shelves: She is blunt and open in her story, layered with the positions of boook her family members play in the Church, as well as the elitist caste in which she found herself.