Get here Jaycar Electronics Sales and the latest deals from Sydney stores. ✓ Start saving now!. Be the first to know about our newest products, specials and promotions. JOIN NOW. CUSTOMER SERVICE. About Jaycar · Contact Us · Delivery & Returns. Our Company. Jaycar Electronics is a leading Australian and New Zealand electronics retail company that is committed to providing our customers with quality.

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Great place to work. The latest edition can be purchased from any Jaycar store or online. So then it would be time to unload any new stock and check it all off the list, then proceed to move the stock onto the shop floor and into back stock room if didn’t fit in shop, all at the same time as serving customers.

New gadgets constantly moving though. Co-workers were a variety of highly skilled and complete morons, neither particularly socially adept. Hardest part of the job was getting use to so many different products.

Working at Jaycar Electronics: Employee Reviews |

Training is left up to store managers who have no time to train you properly because of their ongoing expectations from Managers. The most enjoyable part of the day is cwtalogue the shop is closing and we have reached target for that day it feels like we have achieved goal.

Sent us a tip. This has been a highly interesting environment, with many new aspects to learn about. We’re collecting some information in an effort to offer a service that meets our users’ needs as closely as possible.


The survey is completely anonimous and the data collected will be used for statistical purposes only. Learnt many technical things while working there, however nothing a quick internet search wouldn’t have told me. The work itself was rather light and my coworkers were easy to work with but management’s lack of shifts meant that I had little money to show for my efforts and I was not given a reference when I was laid off. Most enjoyable part was having a sense of accomplishment when you were able to help a client with their project and they brought photos or videos of what they had constructed.

Place where one in respected. There’s always something to do in a Jaycar store, whilst the job is generally relaxing, the tasks are non stop. Decent discounts across most products in store, however, branded items are not. Workplace culture is friendly.

On the other hand, there’s always tough customers who will throw you off with a weird question and the pay isn’t great for all the assumed knowledge, technical advice and occasional observations of customers various projects. Always something new coming into the shop to learn about. The management above store level is, almost without fail, abhorrent. A thoroughly enjoyable place to work.

Jaycar Electronics Catalogues

We operate more than 90 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Depending upon the department your working within you will find that Sales fcfcxxx.


They forget we are a hobby electronics store and don’t always hire the best staff. Despite the name, we dont sell car parts we sell electronics.

I enjoyed the challenging of managing the retail environment. This form collects your name, email, sex and city.

Jaycar Electronics Australia | eBay Stores

Skill-wise I have learned how to rapidly learn new information and retain it, retain long strings of numbers and information, process reports, data entry, stock management, scheduling, etc. Jaycar Electronics Employee Reviews Review this company. If you want to earn minimum wage with maximum expectation then this is the place cattalogue you.

Jaycar Electronics is an Australian based retailer providing an extensive range of quality electronic products at reasonable prices. I learnt a range of products ranging from gizmos and gadgets to solar panels, electrical components, led lighting and security.

Customers thinking we are technicians and then losing it when we tell them we cannot help. I have learned quite a fair bit working in this industry, I had jaycxr prior knowledge of soldering, or resistors, or capacitors, or solar panels etc. Some cool gadgets to use, decent staff discount on most items, relaxed, work can be interesting, seeing projects develop.

When one door closes, another opens.