new SimpleDoc(Object printData, DocFlavor flavor, DocAttributeSet attributes): SimpleDoc « «Java by API. This java examples will help you to understand the usage of SimpleDoc. These source code samples are taken from different open source projects. How to print out any text content at client side by java or javascript? private boolean printData(PrintService printService, String printText) { try { SimpleDoc doc;.

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Clients who want to re-use the doc object in other jobs, or need a MultiDoc will not want to use this class. Sign up simpleroc Facebook. If the returned attribute set does not include an instance of a particular attribute X javx if null is returned, the printer must consult the job’s attribute set to obtain the value for attribute X, and if not found there, the printer must use an implementation-dependent default value.

Obtains an input stream for extracting byte print data from this doc. Does it work when you print on a different printer?

Java Examples for javax.print.SimpleDoc

My only hiccup now is that nothing actually prints unless something else is sent to the printer. I would find that downright charming. If the returned attribute set includes an instance of a particular attribute X, the printer must jaga that attribute value for this doc, overriding any value of attribute X in the job’s attribute set.


Guys I am stuck in printing a pdf using java. To render it, change the actual code:. My first guess would be that new DocFlavor. The code that I have written is below: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Java example source code file (

ssimpledoc IllegalArgumentException – if flavor or printData is nullor the printData does not correspond to the specified doc flavor–for example, the data is not of the type specified as the representation in the DocFlavor.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong here? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Not really sure what I’m doing wrong here, as the printer that I am searching for does in fact show up.

Reddymails 6 Use is subject to license terms. InputStream And the problem is there: You may want to try the code from this answer: However, if the print data representation object is itself an input stream then the print data representation sumpledoc is simply returned.

Chase Aug 4 ’17 at 0: Unmodifiable set of printing attributes for this doc, or null to obtain all attribute values from the job’s attribute set. It can handle all of the presently defined “pre-defined” doc flavors defined as static variables in the DocFlavor class.

  ISO IEC 8825 PDF

Clients may prefer to use provide their own implementation of doc that adds a listener to monitor job completion and to validate that resources such as streams are freed ie closed. Obtains the print data representation object that contains this doc object’s piece of print data in the format corresponding to the supported doc flavor.

Print data representation object.

Obtains a reader for extracting character print data from this doc. Also see the documentation redistribution policy. Reader The doc’s print data representation object is used to jqva and return a Reader for reading the print data as a stream of characters from the print data representation object. If a reader cannot be provided because this doc does not meet the criteria stated above, null is returned.

Java Code Examples of Doc

I am not able to get my exact file. Email Required, but never shown. I am trying to create a simple program that sends a string to a printer to print.

Determines the doc flavor in which this doc object will supply its piece of print data. Email Required, but never shown.