Vladimir Jabotinsky: The Iron Wall – We and the Arabs (). It was inevitable that Jabotinsky would attract the attention of the leaders of the WZO. His journalism gave him tremendous mobility. In he. In Jabotinsky was elected to the Zionist Executive. . This, in a nutshell, was Jabotinsky’s policy regarding the Arab question: to erect an iron wall of Jewish.

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Individual Arabs may perhaps be bought off but this hardly means that all the Arabs in Eretz Israel are willing to sell a patriotism that not even Papuans will trade. Socialism for him was more a rhetorical resource for legitimizing the building of a Jewish state than a blueprint for a just society. A voluntary agreement is unattainable. Like Sharon, Olmert was a life-long supporter of Greater Israel who had been forced by the inexorable jabotknsky of demography to modify his goals.

What Sokolow claims on behalf of Zionism is true. Considerations of self-interest as well as those of justice and morality point to the first option – because the longer Israel persists in denying the Palestinians their right to national self-determination, the more its own legitimacy would be called into question.

But only our corpse can be divided, twill never jabotjnsky to vivisection. Not only uabotinsky this be so, it is so whether we admit it or not.

Lenni Brenner: The Iron Wall (3. Jabotinsky in Constantinople)

The Springer theory is not more than 30 years old. But although Israel now had something concrete to offer in exchange for peace, it did not proceed from this jabotinskj of strength to serious negotiations either with the neighboring states or with the Palestinian Arabs. Therefore it would be necessary to carry on colonization against the will of the Palestinian Arabs, which is the same condition that exists now. The unexpectedly high level of Israeli casualties plunged Begin into a deep depression and led to his resignation and replacement by Yitzhak Shamir in Now the trouble with unilateral action is that it holds out no hope of real and sustainable peace.


The aim was completely unrealistic, and the operation, which involved the deliberate targeting of civilians in flagrant violation of the laws of war, was a manifest failure.

As prime minister, he jabotinskt on proceeding straight to final status and resolving all issues in one go. Stage one was to build the iron wall that would compel the Arabs to abandon any hope of destroying the Jewish state. The attitude of the Arabs was clear, he wrote. Retrieved from ” https: Even if this were possible, it would not change the basic situation. Both men repudiated the central belief of years of negotiations to jabofinsky the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – that giving up land would buy peace.

It lies in the very nature of things, and in this particular regard nature cannot jabotisnky changed. This is, in toto, our policy towards the Arabs. The difference between them concerned territory.

3. Jabotinsky in Constantinople

But, wrote Herd in his Diary. Rabin was succeeded as prime minister by Shimon Peres, one of the principal architects of the Oslo Accord.

Stone and iron can endure a fire; a wooden hut must burn, and no miracle will save it. The core of his policy was not destination peace but destination deadlock. Did the Arabs of Palestine constitute a distinct national entity and, if so, what should be the Zionist attitude toward them, and what should be their status within the projected Jewish state? For Begin, the West Bank he preferred the biblical terms Judea and Samaria was liberated, not occupied.

For the Palestinian Arabs this goal is inadmissible. Top of the Page Appendix 2. The plan they came up with in was not a peace plan but a plan for a unilateral Israeli disengagement from the Gaza strip and four isolated settlements on the West Bank.

These homegrown revolutions were not primarily anti-Israeli or anti-Western, but rather calls for freedom, economic opportunity, social justice, and political reform. And secondly, I belong to the group that once drew up the Helsingfors Programmethe programme of national rights for all nationalities living in the same State. Certainly, any modern Zionist who attempted to defend its policy before an Armenian audience would be courting violence.


The simplest way out would be to look for a different country to colonise.

By building the wall, Israel is unilaterally redrawing its borders at the expense of the Palestinians. In return he offered to help the Italians take Libya:. It is an act of simple justice to alienate part of their land from those nations who are numbered among irn great landowners of the world, in order to provide a place of refuge for a homeless, wandering people.

Yet—and this is the crucial point—regardless of the extent of their territorial ambitions, the two groups understood that, given Arab rejection of the whole idea, a Jewish state could be established only by force of arms.

Julian—Gregorian uncertainty Webarchive template wayback links All stub articles. After Rabin, it has been downhill all the way. They feel at least the same instinctive jealous love of Palestine, as the old Aztecs felt for ancient Mexico, and the Sioux for their rolling Prairies. Even the Czechs, under sall leadership of Masaryk, the teacher of all autonomists, could not would not do it. Our Peace-mongers are trying to persuade us that the Arabs are either fools, whom we can deceive by masking our real aims, or that they are corrupt and can be bribed to abandon to us their claim to priority in Palestinein return for cultural and economic advantages.

In every oasis there is a native population settled from times immemorial, who will not tolerate an immigrant majority or an invasion of outsiders.

Nor did we even want a Irno state. Nothing could convince the Turks to give him Palestine, but officially Herzl maintained his open pro-Sultan policy. The article is not merely an update of the main argument of the book, however.

Colonization can have only one goal.