Interchar , Interchar , Interchar , Interchar and Interchar Interchar can be specified for structural beams, columns and. This approval relates to the use of Interchar for the fire protection of of Interchar (excluding primer and top sealer) required to provide. Interchar | Anti-corrosion solutions | Adress A. Kojelavičiaus g. 17, LT Vilnius.

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Solvent based intumescent coatings are much more sensitive to the method of application and spray application should be used unless the manufacturer specifically recommends a different method which should then be used.

In any case it is important that the final appraisal be based on a broad consideration of the lattice design.

Akzonobel Ceilcote M 阿克蘇諾貝爾國際牌油漆環氧漆

This assumed that the structural section was fairly heavily loaded at the time of the fire. The multiple linear regression is performed using the following equation: The scope of a product assessment need not cover all the shapes and orientations detailed in this document. Soldiers may be fitted behind web board joints as an option. The instrument shall be set to zero on the flat plate supplied. Any specified design or regulatory requirements for the insulation and integrity of compartment walls and floors.


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Permitted extensions are as follows: In the absence of loaded intrechar data the following critical temperatures shall be used in the assessment of the performance of columns under maximum permissible design loading: Appearance Two finishes are available: Association for Specialist Fire Protection 60 Fire protection for structural steel in buildings th www. It is pointed out that the selection of the fire protection material should not be based on consideration of fire resistance alone.

Performance in other BS fire tests BS — non combustible Voids to be unfilled. Part 20 and Note that in BS Part 8: It also provides a comprehensive yet concise guide to the performance of materials used to provide fire protection to structural steel.

ASFP – Fire Protection for Structural Steel in Buildings – Free Download PDF Ebook

If the structural fire design codes are not used to calculate the maximum allowable temperature in the steel sections. IntercharInterchar und Interchar An assessment can be restricted to one or more shapes alone. All other board-to-board joints fixed with spiral screws at maximum mm centres.

A coefficient of determination less than 0. These reductions in loading can be justified using statistical evidence of actual measured imposed floor loading. Protection of internal steel I-columns up to 1 hr.


C 17 April next review date: From the second series of graphs the variation in section factor against temperature for each thickness of material and for each specified period of fire resistance is plotted.

The Section Factor will change depending upon the degree of exposure and the equations given in Figure 6 can be 93.

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These procedures are based on the best available knowledge at the time of writing and are considered to provide a reliable means of evaluating the performance of fire protection materials and coatings in terms of BS The thermal conductivity is then adjusted until the criteria for acceptability given in the document are just satisfied.

Durability Resistant to short term moisture exposure.

Board joints are staggered between layers by at least mm. As an alternative to using Promatect soldiers. Other applications Internal lining of buildings Fire protecting ceilings Fire resisting partition and wall construction Cavity barriers Association for Specialist Fire Protection 98 Fire protection for structural steel in buildings th www.

Screw-fix these to the angles at mm centres.