alone, the IMO MODU Code alone, or a combination of these regulations. sections of the ABS MODU Rules, the IMO MODU Code and. CFR Section(s). Standards Body: e. IMO Resolution A Code for the Construction and. Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. (MODU Code). 46 CFR. Online Shop | IMO Publications | Marine Technology | MODU Code, Consolidated Free UK delivery on MODU Code, Consolidated Edition.

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For this transitional phase, the required emergency lighting, in respect of the machinery space and accommodation and service areas, may be provided by permanently fixed, individual accumulator lamps which are automatically charged and operated.

Theories used mocu the calculation of wave forces and the selection of coefficients should be to the satisfaction of the Administration. The Administration should be provided with model test io, reports on past operating experience with similar configurations or calculations showing that adequate provision is made to maintain this clearance.

In addition, at least one extinguisher of the same description with a capacity of 9 l for each burner, provided that the total capacity of the additional extinguisher or extinguishers need not exceed 45 l for any one space. In corridor bulkheads, ventilation openings may be permitted only in and under coxe doors of cabins, public spaces, offices and sanitary spaces.

Explain the complex nature of the offshore survey business.

It should be possible to achieve the severe storm condition without the removal or relocation of solid 189 or other variable load. Such Certificate should he accepted unless there are clear grounds for believing that the condition of the unit or its equipment does not correspond substantially with the particulars of that Certificate and moru operating manual. Chapter 14 Operating requirements Ingangsdatum: To be applied to tables andas appropriate. The selection of welds cods testing and the methods utilized should be to the satisfaction of the Administration.

In general, one of these ladders should provide continuous fire shelter from the lower part of the space to a safe position outside the space. Control stations for activating the alarm should be installed to kmo satisfaction of the Administration. If this is impracticable, or if lower temperatures are likely to be encountered, consideration should be given to the provision and maintenance of heating arrangements, acceptable to the Administration, so that ready starting will be assured.

  CHP 555-03 PDF

The independent local control of each ballast pump and of its associated ballast tank valves should be in the same location. The transfer of control between navigating bridge and machinery spaces should be possible only in the machinery space or machinery control room.

The new Civil Service Yearbook 54th Edition now available. Surface units over m in length should carry not less than the number of lifebuoys prescribed in the following table: Where such joints are unavoidable, the plate material properties and inspection procedures selected to prevent lamellar tearing should be to the satisfaction of the Administration.

In the case of loss of the generator in operation, adequate provision should be made for automatic starting and connecting to the main switchboard of a stand-by generator of sufficient capacity to ensure safe navigation coe under way and to ensure the safety of the unit with automatic restarting of the essential auxiliaries including, where necessary, sequential operations.

Diploma in Surveying of Offshore Floating Units Unique international surveying qualification for offshore floating units – training course by tutored distance learning. The date when musters are held, details of abandonment drills, ijo of other lifesaving appliances and on-board training should be recorded in such log-book as may be prescribed by the Administration. A second source of energy should be provided for an additional three starts within 30 minutes unless hand manual starting can be demonstrated to be effective.

A free copy of the companion document will be provided to the sustaining cide of each IADC offshore drilling contractor member company. The emergency generator may be used for the purpose of starting from a dead ship condition if its capability either alone or combined with that of any generator is sufficient to provide at the same time those services required by 5.

The rudder angle indication should be independent of the steering gear control system. Permanente link Permanente link Chapter 04 Machinery installations for all types of units Ingangsdatum: See figure below. However, hold-back arrangements incorporating remote release fittings of the fail-safe type may be utilized.

Units on which night helicopter operations take place should have provisions to illuminate the wind direction indicator. Failure of any part of the automatic and remote control system should not prevent the use of the manual override. Compartments not provided with cod bilge suction may be drained to other spaces provided with bilge pumping capability.


1989 MODU Code (2001 Edition)

Chapter 05 Electrical installations for all types of units Ingangsdatum: The unit is to be assumed floating free of mooring restraint. The annual surveys should be endorsed on the Certificate issued under the provisions of this section. The outer edge should not rise more than 15 cm above the edge of the deck.

If the steering gear control system which provides for control from the navigating bridge is electricity should be supplied from the steering gear power circuit from a omo within the ,odu gear compartment.

It should be located above the worst damage waterline and in a space not within the assumed extent of damage referred to in chapter 3 and adequately protected from weather. Obstructions in the codr obstacle sector should not extend above a plane measures vertically from the edge of the deck with rise at a rate not coce one unit vertically for each two units horizontally from the edge of the helideck see figure The survey should be such as to ensure that the repairs or alterations have been effectively made, are in all respects satisfactory and fully comply with the applicable provisions of the Code.

The Administration may accept other fire-fighting systems which provide a fire-extinguishing capability at least as effective as the required foam application system.

In such cases a unit would be subject to a bow height requirement which may midu always be possible to achieve. Tank level sensors should not be situated in the tank suction lines.

MODU Code Consolidated Edition

It should be provided with the following control and indicating systems where applicable: Where automatically controlled bilge pumps are provided special attention should be given to oil pollution prevention requirements. Means should be provided which will prevent overpressure in any part of the feedwater system. The new Mdou is expected to apply to units whose construction begins on or after 1 January