Those who practice the Muslim faith have resisted examinations of their religion. They are extremely guarded about their religion, and what they consider. 2. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Ibn Warraq. Why I am not a Muslim / by Ibn Warraq. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references (p.). Fascinating book I am reading. Why I Am Not a Muslim, a book written by Ibn Warraq, is a critique of Islam and the Qur’an. He argues that Islam.

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If the chapter on women in Islam isn’t physically revolting, check your pulse. But this guy checks out. Published March 1st by Prometheus Books first published Although this book is an enlightening read on some of the more unsavoury aspects of Islamic culture, I have to say I’m not a fan of the author’s writing style. Various aam in the Quran are copied from Zoroastrian religion.

It was first msulim by Prometheus Books in the United States in It is an invaluable introduction to the leading quranic orientalists of our time. Warraq outlines clearly from the Qur’an and Hadith, Muslims’ key Holy Books, what Allah, their Dei Ibn Warraq, a convert from fundamentalist Islam, explains passionately and vividly why Islam, not just Islamists, needs to ign feared by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Or his condemnation of pluralism and moral relativism principles which I for one absolutely believe in.

Why I Am Not a Muslim by Ibn Warraq | : Books

He also details the intellectual West’s strange attraction in historical terms. The peaceful Muslims are just the result of their “scriptural ignorance and secular knowledge,” as Sam Harris put it when describing religious moderates. Nevertheless, it is the truth, something that has either been deliberately concealed by modern scholars or buried in obscure journals accessible only to a select few.

Ibn Warraq has openly challenged notions widely accepted like ‘Islam was born in the clear light of history’, its greater tolerence, its greater rationality, its snese of brotherhood, its greater spirituality, and the myth that Muhammad was a wise and tolerant lawgiver, providing detailed references quoted from within the Islamic history. No trivia or quizzes yet. A fifty-year-old widow, Ahmedi Begum, decided to let some rooms in her house in the city of Lahore to two young veiled women.


Apparently, ignorance is bliss. He calls for legislators to come down hard on Muslim immigrants in Britain, for example. Warraq explains the history of Islam and the true nature of the religion. Please try again later. As author himself admits, this book is composed mainly of excerpts from various sources, with the author taking the role of their presenter while discussing different subjects concerning Islam. Disorganized and at times, felt like a rough collection of truths, half-truths and other people’s opinions.

Skepticism about Religion — Part 6: It is very analytical and larded with secondary literature, but the author achieves his goal: Second, how indebted the Muslim world has always been to the West, not only to the Greeks in the warrq, but particularly in modern times in knowledge of its own intellectual and cultural history.

The amazing thing is that it has taken so long for such a book to appear and that it has been left to a non-Westerner to write it, since the material for its assembly has been around for anything up to a century. The reformist, rationalist or freethinkers movement within Islam is still very small in numbers, and I fear the only way it will gain strength is in reaction to the rise of fundamentalism within Islam, which may force the silent majority to take sides.

I had a little trouble getting started with this book. Another important achievement of Ibn Warraq is that he explodes the myth of Islamic tolerance, a myth largely invented by Jews and Western freethinkers as a stick with which to beat the Catholic Church. Unfortunately it is the exact opposite in most Islamic majority cultures I jbn lived in. Properly, a custom or practice, and later narrowed down to the practice of the Prophet or a tradition recording the same. Apr 14, Jos Rienties rated it really liked it.

Read it Forward Read it first. He has put together in one book all the objectionable rules of Islam, and has made it into one of kuslim best books about Islam that I have seen in many years. The Logic of Ibbn — Part 3: This is a powerful book, written by Islam is not a religion like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism.

Why I am not a Muslim / by Ibn Warraq – PDF Drive

As for the content, the author eloquently lists the major ills that Islam has brought into the world, which are pretty much consistent with just about every other organized religion that has ever established itself into a state authority. When this book came out, it was a breath of fresh air; we never saw books on the market like that w said “Why I am not a Muslim”.


Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Those who practice the Muslim faith have resisted examinations of their religion. Inilah, kayaknya akhir-akhir ini saya harus membaca buku-buku yang kontroversial begini.

Why I Am Not a Muslim

Comprehensive, to say the least. This is a powerful book, written by an ex-Muslim, on why Islam is the way it is today. We are experiencing technical difficulties. I used to be one of them also.

Want to Read saving…. Warraq adopted the pseudonym in when he completed his first book, entitled “Why I Am Not a Muslim”. Humanity is far from even approaching that stage with Islam, because the door to free inquiry remains most definitely shut, locked, and the key has been thrown away. Considering the number of Muslims now resident in Western countries this is a war towards which no one, who values critical thought, free speech and democracy, can afford to be indifferent.

Unfortunately, this is the shortest chapter in the book, a mere six pages, and has the appearance of an afterthought, since Sufism is only really dealt with in the first two pages and there inadequately.

Ak the internet, and in real life, you will find Muslims who will confidently avow how impeccable their holy book is. To sum this argument up; at one case, Ibn Warraq, the idiot What a load of crap.

Review of “Why I Am Not a Muslim”

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Warraq gathered world notice through his historiographies of the early centuries of the Islamic timeline and has published works which question mainstream conceptions of the period. My favorite was The Origins of Islam. The book would be difficult to read without some good background in religious history and without some knowledge of Islam in awrraq as the book focuses on persuading an audience of educated believers.