Crosswind. -. CNG. 4 Wheel Regenerative Air. High Pressure. Washdown with. 24 in hand lance,. 30 ft hose Type V8 Cylinder. Displacement cu. in. ( L) . Operating CNG vehicles are really beneficial in the Middle East region considering the fact been estimated to be billion cu m and CNG/Diesel Cost Analysis 23 Vehicle & Cost Summary Overview 23 3. ( N*m) Type Engine Displacement – CU IN ( LITERS) Bore and.

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Figure illustrates the rear cab mount configuration. CNG and LNG are both proven forms of natural gas storage, with distinct advantages over Diesel and gasoline when used as a transportation fuel. Lubricating oil supply to the fuel pump 7.

CNG for Automobiles

Rear Gear Housing Subsystem Source: Breather Adapter Assembly Figure Exhaust Manifold 76 Figure Front gear housing cover 8. EGR lc tube Catalyst inlet 4- Three way catalyst 5. Diesel Vehicle Hardware Overview German inventor Rudolf Diesel patented the compression ignition engine in which is the origin of the term “diesel”.

  D.P.R.120 03 PDF

High pressure relief valve 6. Fuel Transfer Tube Assembly Source: KG S SB 54, Turbocharger Sub-Subsystem Figure EGR cooler gas inlet 4.

After-treatment Flow 77 Figure Fuel Pump Head Assembly Figure Turbocharger compressor outlet 3. Coolant to upper cylinder head 9.

Fuel Filter Head Assembly Figure The main engine hardware differences include the CNG spark ignited engine technology as opposed to the conventional compression Diesel ignition and the new CNG technology added an ignition control module to the CNG engine for the ignition coils which replaced the Diesel engines injector system.

The engine blocks were identical but the heads were slightly different. Coolant from water pump to cylinder block 4.

The block also has induction hardened cylinder liners. Lubricating oil filter However, there are two jy differences. They are throttled similar to a carbureted gasoline engine. So to prevent the engine from not starting, do not ignore the warnings.

A “regeneration cycle” that reduces the soot to ash is the most common method. Cummins parts website https: How many vehicles are plying on road in India? At the opposite end is a plug that forces the gases through the porous channel wall, allowing the exhaust to escape through the neighboring lci Figure while trapping as much as 90 percent of the solid particle matter soot.


The engine is a factory built dedicated natural gas engine for heavy duty truck applications. Both assemblies are identical and not quoted. Housing Figure shows the Fuel pressure reg.

CNGEurope Natural gas for vehicles | Liquefied natural gas LNG for trucks

fng Owing to CNG distinct features, it does not contaminate or dilute crankcase oil, giving a new lease of life to the engine. Lubricating oil main rifle 4. The standard Diesel system has been the mainstay in the trucking transportation industry for many years. CNG Only 31 34 15 31 Figure Once all the parts were identified, the costs cbg be broken down into the system, subsystems, and sub-subsystem, assembly and component levels.

Only components identified as being different within the selected CNG new and the standard Diesel baseline configurations were evaluated for cost.