In the end, but reading is copying. To “read” a file practically means to “copy into RAM”, otherwise programs couldn’t work with it. And once. I am having an issue when I copy a few cells in my Excel then paste, the original selection of copied cells wont un-copy and remains. That would protect against copy-pasting. You’ll have to decide how much of a protection that really is, though – most short questions can be typed into Google in .

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Maybe it would be enough to put watermarks on everything? Alok Goyal Dadri U. How can I enlarge a PDF for printing?

As i mentioned earlier the website only blocks copying from source or using any devtools or by disabling javascript. Ashampoo make a program called Snap, i think they are up to version 4 now.

Disable Files, Folders and Text from Being Copied or Moved in Windows

You can download it from madgeektools. Another way to get around is to Save the Webpage in text format, open the saved file using Notepad and copy the information. This usually works http: The scan was done online, automatically, by Reimage which is a part of Major Geeks.

Hurry Sone 4 months ago. HI, This is a very great tool. How do I print Hotmail messages without the ads? Thanks dude… Really useful. I’ve got quiz application. Pls help me … Again Thanxxxxxxxx. Prevent copying text in web-page Ask Question. To “read” a file practically means to “copy into RAM”, otherwise programs couldn’t work with it.


All it takes is one enterprising entrepreneur to reverse engineer it and provide it as a service to his classmates. The easiest way I found was to highlight all the Text prktect copy with Ctrl-C and paste it in a new Word document and make all the changes I want, or just print it.

usb flash drive – How to protect file on USB from being copied? – Super User

All you need to do is to enter a master password after installing the program, and you can protect your files and folders by clicking the Activate button. Then open a graphics program and past that immage.

Also fails protech the text goes below the bottom of the screen. Here are 3 tools that allow you to do this and also a couple even have their own self protection measures to stop average users from re-enabling the options without your say so. How to automatically activate it along with windows boot-up?

html – Prevent copying text in web-page – Stack Overflow

In reply to KaitSmith’s post on June 22, In ocr, one should manually check the content for any errors in recognition which is more tedious than typing the content and the latter method, including screenshots, output non editable content. It also wont un-copy the selection when I try typing, which is something previous versions did. How to protect file on USB from being copied?

All comments containing links will be moderated before publication. These options are actually what some forms of malware do ti prevent you tampering with them and users are normally looking for ways to repair these disabled functions, not implement them on purpose. Consider the classroom scenario… you have 30? A cheater will be able to work around pretty much everything.


Download M File Anti-Copy v4. What the webmasters of such sites need to really do is put such material in a secured PDF, and any amount of information that is more than very brief belongs in a PDF instead of on a web page anyway.

Version Build Ritesh Kawadkar 4 months ago. So those methods are not really copying. Anybody if can be helpful to solve my query. Note that this question might be found via Google by people who want to override a no-copy rule via a Greasemonkey script or the like on the browser side. Like you said…if you can see it, they can copy it and kncopy it. Java trick worked here too Fantastic solution I just wanted to copy a receipt for cooking No idea why they protected it Hardly can bring my computer to the kitchen.

How to Disable PDF to Prevent from People Copy and Paste?

Ritesh Kawadkar 7 months ago. Related Posts How do I get an older version of a webpage?

Double click them and the text will show I have only tried this in chrome so it may differ in protecg browsers. In the end, but reading is copying.