The book titled How to Judge a Horoscope by B.V. Raman: Volume 1 in English in PDF format. How to Judge a Horoscope is a departure from the conventional method of treatment of astrology. It is a study in the use of Horoscope in every man`s daily life. Bangalore B. V. Raman PREFACE TO NINTH EDITION How to Judge a Horoscope is a book on the practical or applied side of astrology.

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Thus the ascendant is moderate in strength.

Deceit and disloyalty alone can break his heart. Rajeev Jhanji rated it really liked it Aug 26, The next benefic is Mars. The Seventh House represents wife, husband, marriage, sexual diseases, business partner, diplomacy, talent and general happiness. Take a haroscopc in which the fifth house is afflicted by unfavourable conjunctions and aspects.

The age, position, status and sex of the subject. If the lord of the Lagna is in conjunction with Sushka planets then also Concerning the First House 25 similar results will follow.

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They dislike being guided by others ; are intense when interested, vehement when excited. On the other hand, a further analysis of the relations and interrelations of planets should be made. According to one explanation, the ancient Hindu day was divided into twelve sections of five ghatis each and each section was devoted to certain definite duties of the daily routine of living.


The dispositions given below are of a general nature.

How to Judge a Horoscope: Volume 1 and 2 by B.V. Raman

A self-made man, ordinary education, 68 How to Judge a Horoscope chequerred career but now well-to-do. If the ascendant lord is hwo in the Lagna subject to evil combinations, the native will not be physically happy. Typical examples, illustrative of important principles, have been selected from actual lives.

Nature of the Results The nature of the results varies with reference to each individual case.

How to Judge a Horoscope: Volume 1 and 2 (Set of 2 Books)

The man becomes an influential leader. He will be successful in professions that bring him into contact with the masses. If afflicted, it indicates discord in married life.

Because the Sun gets neechabhanga or cancellation of debility, Hkroscope is caused. Lagna is Libra and its lord Venus is in the 5th with the Sun who is a malefic and who is also the lord of the 1 1th from Lagna. The presence of Lagnadhipati in the 8th made the native a very learned man. The study of illustrations charts makes every point—even the omitted rudimentary principles and rules—very clear and graspable.

He becomes evil-minded, poor and infamous Concerning the First House 49 and will serve others. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. When the lord of Lagna joins the 10th lord in the 10th, the native performs sacri6ces and other religious deeds consistent with his beliefs.

Judte harmonious aspect in the trinity of life — Lagna, the Moon and the Sun representing the body, mind and soul confer sound health, sound mind and an evolved soul or ego. First see whether in the first house, any planet is exalted or debilitated and whether the planet in the first house has caused any special yogas, etc.


The Lagna, in this case, is not occupied by any planet, but is aspected by Mars and Venus. The present work, which I have the pleasure to submit herewith, makes a departure from the.

How to Judge a Horoscope I

Using the Forces of Life: There will be litigation troubles with regard to ancestral property. Since the first house planet is a malefic and since he is in conjunction With the Moon, the native will not be quite healthy.

For the sake of convenience we may classify the planets who cause death as follows: The bones are well developed. They become vindictive when Saturn is afflicted and may become somewhat bigoted.

They are enterprising and ambitious. The body will have scars and the appearance will be handsome. Instability and deceitfulness may influence the character.

Kanya or Virgo Lagna is occupied by its own lord in exaltation with the Moon and aspected by Jupiter in debilitation. In the Navamsa however the Sun is in Cancer with exalted Jupiter.

There are no fewer than six planets in the ascendant and midheaven.