The Electronic 7 is fitted with an automatic clock that is pre-set on manufacture and should not normally require any adjustments by the user. The summer/winter . View and Download Horstmann Electronic 7 user operating instructions manual online. Water Heater Controller. Electronic 7 Controller pdf manual download. Oct 21, It’s the Horstmann economy 7 quartz only to work whilst there is cheap rate electricity overnight on economy seven. horstmann electronic 7.

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However if you run the immersion during the day and are on economy seven then you will find it expensive.

Battery Reserve The Electronic 7 is designed to be permanently connected to the mains electricity supply. HTML is not translated! Not to be on all day.

Send Close Enter your email to be informed when this product arrives: I currently have a e7bx can Eoectronic use the old backing box and is the wiring the same just a case of unplug and plug the maaxistore one in or does it have different wiring Horstmaann What am I doing wrong?

The water temperature is scolding hot. You can time the boost to run once per day Q: And if your immersion heater element is gone then this will not work. What settings I need to do please? You can time the boost to run once per day. A backbox is included.


I have to manually move the dial around to get the red timer light on to warm up water. It doesn’t seem to heat up a lot of water and the hot water is not kept hot.

Horstmann electronic 7 maxistore instruction manual:

Page 7 Service and Repair The Horstmann Electronic 7 is not user serviceable, so please do not try to dismantle the unit. Yes, this will do that. HelloI have Horstmann electronic 7. This is for single supply only. I have found that the only way I am getting any hot water is to use the boost. Timer Circuit Help Needed.

Horstmann Electronic Economy 7 Timer

If you need hot water all day you will have to keep resetting the boost timer. I’m swapping a dated pulsacoil for an unvented cylinder. What is the KW rating on this unit? Discussion in ‘ Electrical Forum ‘ started by XtoOct maxiatore, Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon. The likely time it would be on are somewhere in the region of This is indicated on naxistore screen next to the appropriate setting.

The tank will only take about an hour to warm up if it’s normal sized. But it only clicks when the from 5 am. Will this unit work in place of the old mechanical Timer?

horstmann electronic 7 maxistore instruction manual

What is the best way to manage this timer please? Also See for Electronic 7 Installation manual – 8 pages User operating instructions manual – 8 pages User instructions – 3 pages. Users found this page by searching for: And does the dial then move on and switch the heater off? I would like to have during the night water in the tank heated by cheap night -rate and if I need more hot water a day time I will press the button boost.


How do I turn it down? By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Can i swap these over without having to rewire? If I decided at later date to change from Economy 7 to a standard tariff could I set the programmable timer to operate at any time of the day?

This is normally the upper element in the tank and can. Remember that you cannot get this timer to operate all day. Hi Either faulty clock or immersion heater. Heating Controls Online is rated 4.

Horstmann Electronic 7 User Operating Instructions Manual

Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement. Guys really need to get hot water going, pls can you advise I’m gona manually change dial time to trigger timed emmersion.

It could be a problem with either the Immersion heater or the timer.

Hi, well the dial is moving with the time. Add to my manuals Add.