Find great deals for Hörmann Universaladapterplatine UAP 1. Shop with confidence on eBay!. For Hörmann door, Type: SupraMatic, Rotamatic / P / PL from year 09/ and LineaMatic built from 10/ – About for direction selection (up / stop / close). For inputs to Hormann: does it mean that I have to run 6 wires for this section from Loxone to Hormann? Or is it possible to reuse the wire for

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Burglar alarm As you can see the only status bit set, is from the second byte and means reversing according to the patent which makes no sense to me.

Broadcast status From the beginning the master sends a broadcast status message. Later I captured traces using my logic up1 for each possible command, these are: Post as a guest Name.

For that to work Horamnn needed to buy a UAP universal adapter, meant for uses like these and connect it to my Loxone miniserver. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

To supply the board with 24VDC, which normally comes in via the RJ12 connector, I simply used the terminals taht normally connect the switches.

Hörmann Universaladapterplatine UAP 1 | Smolka Tor- und Antriebstechnik Berlin Online Shop

I am an electronics amateur and can’t figure out based on the schematic below if that is correct? To control the door via a home automation system you have several options: I used the CRC calculator at http: So I basically want a remotely controlled button the app where I click open and it will start moving up until the end position, which should be possible, and it sometimes does move or open, but something must be off with the connection, impulse duration or voltage as it does not work consistently: Furthermore I’ve only see this reply all the time.


Connect potential free contacts directly to the motor. The slave responds to a status request by the master.

I decided to look at the boards communications without the motor connected. Dynamically assigned by the master To change the partial opening position: At startup the Master scans the bus for devices.

Reverse engeneering the Hörmann UAP1 protocoll

Hardware Top side of the circuit board: These are the messages I was able to make sense of so far. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

I’ve set two analyzers for async serial data on both, the RX and the TX line. The message can be between 1 and 3 bytes long and the patent states that it can be expanded. Looking at the other link for the Hormann website using translation – it looks hormanb they indicate it can do a partial open: Then I encountered horman problem I didn’t think about in the first place.

This question came from our site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts.


Reverse engeneering the Hörmann UAP1 protocoll

Bus scan At startup the Master scans the bus for devices. Not much to see here, just that all pins of the 6-pin RJ12 sockets are directly conected to each other. Top side uap11 the circuit board: Learning button assignment Bit 7: If the selected height is too low, a 2-digit number starting with 1 will appear with a flashing decimal point see section Currently I send a 0.

Drives at least the three relais, maybe more. Dominik Hadl 51 4. When the board is powered while the logic analyzer is collecting data, we see these bytes comming in:.

Hörmann Universaladapterplatine UAP 1

RX When the board is powered while the logic analyzer is collecting data, we see these bytes comming in: Here’s what I got using the USB converter with the door closed idling: According to the Guide you posted The UAP enables you to control the light of the supramatic open the garage door close the garage door stop the garage door check whether the door is totally closed or totally open, light status?

To dig deaper into the protocoll I need more data. That occured at baud 8N1 so I think that must be the correct baudrate.