Hirofumi Uzawa’s 4 research works with 74 citations and reads, including: Economic Analysis of Social Common Capital. Hirofumi Uzawa has expertise in. PDF | Hirofumi Uzawa is one of the giants of modern economic theory. Hiro is probably best known to the readers of Macroeconomic Dynamics (MD) for his. Uzawa, Hirofumi – BIBLIOGRAPHY Source for information on Uzawa, Hirofumi: International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences dictionary.

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July 21, Yonago, Tottori, Japan.

Assistant Professor of Economics, Stanford University, Professor of Economics, University Chicago, Editorial Board American Economic Review, 7. Foreign Editor, Review of Economic Studies, The papers collected here deal with various topics in economic theory, ranging from preference and consumption, duality and production, equilibrium, capital, and growth, to the theory of social overhead capital. They all have a common theme: Most of the papers were originally published during the s and early s.

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Social common capital provides members of uzawwa with those services and institutional arrangements that are crucial in maintaining human and cultural life. The term “social common capital” is comprised of three categories: Natural capital consists of all natural environment and natural resources including the earth’s atmosphere.


Social infrastructure consists of roads, bridges, public transportation systems, electricity, and other public utilities.

Institutional capital includes hospitals, educational institutions, judicial and police systems, public administrative services, financial and monetary institutions, and cultural capital. This book attempts to modify and extend the theoretical premises of orthodox economic theory to make them broad enough to analyze the economic implications of social common capital.

It further aims to find the institutional arrangements and policy measures that will bring about the optimal state of affairs in which the natural and institutional components are blended together harmoniously to realize the sustainable state as suggested by John Stuart Mill.

Son of Tokio and Uzxwa Uzawa.

Hirofumi Uzawa – Wikipedia

Bachelor of Science in Math, University Tokyo, Fellow, Vice president, President, Econometric Society, Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, since Yoshino Prize, ; Mainichi Prize, Person of Cultural Merit, Government Japan, Then my interest shifted to the problems of economic growth in a capitalist economy with particular emphasis upon the role played by the interaction of the consumption good industry and the investment good industry.

This was accomplished by the construction of a two-sector model of economic growth, which was later utilised to examine the pattern of optimum economic growth. Further research on the process of price and quantity adjustment in a decentralised market economy has shown the instability of such processes, and my research interest has been concentrated upon the dynamic analysis of disequilibrium processes. Later, research has been extended to cover the problems of environmental disruption, economics of medicare, and social costs of automobiles.


Uzawa, Hirofumi |

Econometric Society president Main Photo Add photo. School period Add photo.

Other Photos Add photo. Other photo of Hirofumi Uzawa. Optimality, Equilibrium, and Growth: Selected Papers of Hirofumi Uzawa http: Preference, Production and Capital: Selected Papers of Hirofumi Uzawaa Author: Hirofumi Uzawa Nov http: Selected Papers of Hirofumi Uzawa The papers collected uzawx deal with various topics in eco Hirofumi Uzawa Oct http: Hirofumi Uzawa Jan http: Economic Analysis of Social Common Capital Social common capital provides members of society with th Born July 21, Named to, Order of Culture,