View and Download Hioki BT instruction manual online. BATTERY TESTER . BT Test Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Bt View and Download Hioki instruction manual online. BATTERY HiTESTER. Test Equipment pdf manual download. comparator tables and send them back to the Pencil The enhanced measurement current in the . HIOKI (Shanghai) Sales & Trading Co., Ltd.: .

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After the data is stored, the next available memory number is displayed. After receipt of the table of permissible values is complete, click [OK]. Turning Off The Comparator 4. Time required for measurement is manhal since the instrument is capable of measuring live wires without requiring the UPS system to be shut down.

Click Receipt of the table of permissible values will begin. Has an appropriate range been selected?

Displayed when setting comparator threshold values. Disconnect the test lead from the battery subject to measurement.


Used for storing displayed values to memory. Hold the measurement values by pressing control switch.

Avoid subjecting the temperature probe tip to physical shock, and avoid sharp bends in the leads. Safety Information Safety Information This instrument is designed to conform to IEC Safety Standards, and has been thoroughly tested for safety prior to shipment.


Basic Specifications Basic Specifications 8. Don’t have an account?

Use the measurement values to judge battery wear. Options About probe length A: Note that the instrument may be damaged if the applied voltage or current exceeds the measurement range.


Click [Cancel] to return to the previous screen. Configuring the Auto-memory Feature Press the key to display the icon. When the battery is worn out, the internal resistance rises to approximately 1. When the installShield Wizard appears, click the [Next] button. In this example, unit C has Press keys to select been selected Exposed to direct sunlight Exposed to high temperature Exposed to liquids Yioki to high humidity or condensation Exposed to high levels of particulate dust In the presence of corrosive or explosive gases Exposed to strong electromagnetic fields Near electromagnetic radiators Subject to vibration Preliminary Hioik Before using the instrument the first time, verify that it operates normally to ensure that no damage occurred during storage or shipping.

This requires the 1. Do not use a ballpoint pen or hard-tipped pen, because there is a danger of scratching the surface and corrupting the data. Before Returning for Repair If the instrument is not operating correctly, check the following: Turn off the power of the instrument and remove the cable.

Using the zero-adjust feature adjusts the zero points of all ranges. Resistance measurement value and unit Voltage Temperature measurement measurement value and unit value and unit Displayed when the zero-adjust feature is enable. Wear rubber gloves or gloves of similar material during measurement.


Communication Specifications Communication Specifications 8. Setting Comparator Permissible Values 4. The instrument displays the first term. Press keys to set the values of resistance upper keys to select digits.


Transfer takes approximately three seconds. For this reason, judgement can be made even when the polarity of the test lead is reversed. Up to comparator conditions can be set. Troubleshooting Zero Adjustment Troubleshooting In this way, the data read from the instrument can be checked.

However, mishandling during use could result in injury or death, as well as damage to mwnual instrument. Connecting The Test Lead 2. Check the instrument’s remaining battery power 3. Banana-plug type terminals Maximum input voltage: Switch off the instrument and remove the test leads. This will turn on the disconnect-detection feature again. To avoid breaking the test leads, do not bend or pull them.