Harold Bloom’s list of the Great Books from the Western Canon. Read a free sample or buy Il canone occidentale by Harold Bloom. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Information is endlessly available to us; where shall wisdom be found?” is the crucial question with which renowned literary critic Harold Bloom begins this.

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Paperbackpages. Freud is cursorily and outrageously dismissed as an inferior, but cunning, Shakespeare wannabe, who misreads and misinterprets Shakespeare to hide his extensive but incomplete borrowings or, rather, pilferings.

I finally gave up. He repeatedly denigrates and teases the contemporary schools of thought: Overall, I can’t provide a mathematical formula or draw a hadold reaction to “prove” that this book sucks balls.

How to Read and Why

Bloom is an unabashed lover of literature with none of the disdain for “dead white male Europeans” that many academics have he calls them the “school of resentment”.

And reading “the wrong kind of literature” is ruining all of literature and us as occideentale. In the end, what Bloom then offers here amounts to an opportunity for us to read along with him for a few hours.

Unfortunately, I cannot help to admire a man that has an extensive knowledge of literature.

His writing is strong when he discusses literature prior to the 20th century but struggles for clarity when moving into the modern era. A Canonical Prophecy “I am not as confident about this list as the first three. In this later occisentale, he looks at the different forms of literature — the short story, poetry, the novel and the play — and within each section he explores a number of authors that he sees as eminent and original.


It’s almost hilarious how offended Bloom is by the allegation that the Western literary canon is made up of dead white European males.

Great teachers become what they teach, and what they teach become them. Terrific overview of the western canon 20 words or more? Do and have and be and read only the best we can while we’re still doing it?

Recommended to Nisah by: Luckily for me, I did not go into it hoping for someone to teach me how to read or wondering why I cankne read, I am getting by well enough on harlod fronts; I went in hoping to discuss some of these great books and I got exactly that – a nice conversation with someone who loves books, the very best of pleasures that a reading life offers.

Le pagine dedicate a Ritratto di signora mi sono parse un po’ banali: View all 20 comments. The point is you may disagree with Bloom, but this is the sort of literary criticality we need, and are so often deprived of.

Il canone occidentale – Harold Bloom – Google Books

His selection of texts is also quite conservative and illustrative of his occidentael positioning. And White and Jameson actually bothered to take French critical theory on on its own ground, and in my view, showed exactly why, necessary as it may have been in a particular historical moment, it was a occieentale end for literary study.

Read this and find your standing. Instead, we consume ourselves with the understanding of how a novel contributes to the representation of gender, social and racial class. Do not attempt to improve your neighbor or your neighborhood by what or how you read.

Once he gets past his ranting in the beginning lccidentale the politics of education regarding not pursuing excellence, that reading is in no way improving of society as in his mind it is a “selfish act”, and spending long dreary moments denouncing feminism in literature, disregarding that most of his readers are not wealthy debutantes of the liberal elite given full ride to Harvard, we finally get to book at hand.


David Thomson occkdentale away with this kind of thing because he is witty, because he carries himself like a fellow traveler, and because he has a certain British self-deflation which gives his most madcap suggestions a twinkle – as when, in his biography of Orson Welles, he casually notes that young Orson was racing through local Irish lassies in a small province just about nine months before Peter O’Toole was born.

Readers came to it it hoping for good advice on how to read meaningfully but was treated to a long monologue on how bloom reads and why he loves it.

Il canone occidentale

Okay, okay, I am not simple. What characters should we turn to so we can occidentlae that need? Bloom, in his comments and questions, like Shakespeare in his play, turns the reader about such that he finds himself reading himself, probing his own life. If there is a flaw in Bloom’s work, it is repetition, as the reader is b One of the most useful works of non-fiction to be published in recent decades, written by the sturdy Yale professor Harold Bloom.

May 10, Trevor rated it it was ok Shelves: Probably a smart prick, but a prick nevertheless. The canon he proposes at the end of the book is just wonderful and I find myself continually going back to it.