We are giving the best book of the years for you, Read Global politik Online giving inspiration, Global politik PDF Download is bestseller. And Global politik PDF. Selected publications:,Europaische Iden— titat und Identitatspolitik”. ism”, in : Hans Branner/Morten Kelstrup (ed), Denmark’s Policy towards Eur— ope after. International Politik, Obligatorisk Pensum, Efterår Hurrell, Andrew (): Rising Powers and the emerging global order, .. Branner, Hans ().

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Even though the news agency is not an official spokesperson for the Chinese government, Xinhuanet is sponsored by the state and the pieces can be suspected to be governmental friendly rather than critical news coverage.

I will continue and discuss the mentioned five interests individually and in more detail. One way or the other, Beijing is determined to gain access to the energy and mineral resources in the Arctic.

Hanx has declared itself as an opponent of hegemony in the international system, and has encouraged cooperation amongst states,19 especially developing states, to strive for a multipolar international order. Nonetheless, the numbers show that the US is still a superior military power. IOs also have a place in this theory, in which their power is based on the ability to indirectly guide behaviour.

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Estimated value China growth rate median: In the realist approach states are the main actors in the international system, IOs influence on international behaviour is not considered to be very influential, this approach thus diminishes the role and influence of non-state actors.

Prior to the meeting, China had, according to Jakobson and Peng, publicly received support amongst foreign ministry representatives of the Nordic AC member countries. Liberalism therefore has a different focus on international politics than realism which mainly focuses on security issues and balance of power between states.


Keohane believes that in an open international economic environment that is characterized by opportunities for mutual benefit, the grounds for a peaceful international environment are made.

I will now turn to discuss to which degree the listed hypothesis in the problem formulation or various mixes of them are relevant and adequate.

The discourse in academic as well as Western popular debate, has been dominated by the realist view of China as a power that is on the brink to take the leading role as hegemonic state in the world.

Global politik: grundbog til international politik – Hans Branner – Google Books

The existence of Chinese politk and diplomatic effort shows that China has Arctic policies. Furthermore, the country has become too influential and too large of an international player to go on unnoticed. Hans Christian Branner Just go with the flow and enjoy what’s going on between you. Gross domestic product GDP: The official documents and statements, used in this thesis, from MFA representatives include identical phrases and all highlight the same achievements and contribution to the Arctic.

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The Informal Arctic Policy Currently, hqns existing literature focuses mainly on new shipping routes, and the prospects of resource explorations, and the security issues it raises. I have not found an official Arctic policy. Internet URLs are the best.

We saw in the period up to the Kiruna meeting, how China made free-trade agreements with member states of the AC and in return was promised support for the application as permanent observer. According to him conclusion, policies in the Arctic region are driven by commercial, geopolitical and environmental interests.

One condition for starting the Isua project is that London Mining will be allowed to import about low wage Chinese workers who would work in the mines in Greenland for wages below the minimum pay in Greenland. And as opposed to neo-realism, where states know who they are, and what they want, the constructivist approach maintains that interest and identity are shaped in interaction between states.


Nathan and Scobell argue in line with constructivism that China seeks to modify the rules in all the global gllbal, which it participates in, according to its interests. These mentioned strategies seek political influence in the Arctic in order to improve the opportunities for access to commercial interests. Of course, every relationship is different and how yours develops will depend on who you both are and the chemistry between you.

His point was that braanner did not matter whether a cat was black or white, as long as it could catch mice.

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The Post-Cold War period meant a great transition for the Chinese to become a power in rapid development as a result of continued economic growth, accompanied by an increasing international political influence. The China-threat theory is politio likely the reason for the interpretation of a potential aggressive energy hungry power in the Arctic than current affairs and Chinese behaviour in the Arctic.

Too soon, and it can put some women or men off.

I have thus established that China has interests in the Arctic. Their goal is to outperform relevant benchmarks over the long-term.

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