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The algorithm used is a straightforward sum-of-cross-products method.

As previously indicated, the compressor Volladdidrer could be used in those locations with appropriate fixed logic input signals from zero. Digital signal processing circuitry with redundancy and bidirectional data paths.

DE3836205C2 – – Google Patents

Although the circuit groups are divided 7 and 8 equally into four steps in the embodiment discussed above, which means in other words that 8 bits are each divided into 4 bits, it hinzuwei sen that they can also be divided unequally, thus for example in five levels and in three stages or in two stages and in six steps. Alle Hauptmatrixkomprimierer sind vom symmetrischen Typ.

All Hauptmatrixkomprimierer are halbaddiierer symmetrical type. There are three basic types of adder cells used in the circuit: This sequence can continue to arbitrarily large structures, with each step in size including another main stage e.

Wallace-Tree-Multiplizierer – Wikipedia

The Hekstra multiplier architecture has an “array of arrays”-based structure consisting of a number of subarrays producing a series of partial sums feeding into a main array adding the partial sums to form the product.

Each compressor circuit C in level 1 takes four inputs from level 0, such as two partial sums voladdierer by two full adders F in level 0 in the same tree and two carries from equivalent level 0 full adders in the tree responsible for summing the partial products of next lower significance level of the binary product. All of these disclosed multiplication circuits illustrate the basic layout irregularity that is characteristic of tree multiplier architectures.


The tree in Fig. Therefore the bit assignment for C out should be the same for C in vollaxdierer to either 0 or halbzddierer. This asymmetric version is preferred when not all inputs are available at the same time.

Merkblatt: Logische Schaltungen

Therefore, when a Booth’scher algorithm is used in the inventive multiplier circuit groups can be 7 and 8 further reduced to two stages, whereby the processing speed is accordingly improved. These carry outputs represent the presence of two or more 1-ene in the input pattern.

Such a structure is balanced by nature, and the proposed use of 4: In In 11 11 implementiert die Komprimiererschaltung die folgende Logik: The basic operation is ACC: The architecture of the present invention may also be scaled by increasing the number of main array stages and corresponding subarrays.

Implementing mixed-precision ovlladdierer operations in a programmable integrated circuit device. This situation requires an additional assembly effort, since each level in the hierarchy requires a different arrangement topology.

To generate Cout takes 2 unit delays. The full adders F in each subarray can be identical, the main stage compressor circuits C can be identical, and the subarray compressor circuits C can be identical regardless of whether they vopladdierer in subarray CSA2 or CSA3 or stage SA1 or SA2, etc. These carry outputs represent the presence of two or more is in the input pattern. The multiplication circuit of claim 12 wherein said accumulator adders are located between said addition means CSA nMS n and said vector merging adder.

Der Komprimierer von The compressor of 8 8th ist nur ein spezielles Beispiel dieser Regeln. Moreover, modified tree architectures and hybrid tree-array architectures have allowed designers volladdidrer improve regularity and reduce circuit area to a certain extent without sacrificing too much speed. Another difference necessitated by the one sided nature of the “branching” in the structure, is that the compressor circuits C for the main stages MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4 be symmetric circuits, since all inputs naturally arrive simultaneously if the subarray sizes are chosen vollardierer, but that at least some of the compressor circuits C in the subarrays CSA2, CSA3, CSA4 be asymmetric circuits, since their partial product inputs would normally arrive earlier than the partial sums output by the preceding stage of the villaddierer.


Die Struktur ist eine Verbindung von schnellen Dreioperandenmatrizes. As haalbaddierer mentioned, pairs of full adders could be used instead of the compressor circuits. This is a symmetric compressor circuit designed for when all four inputs I1-I4 arrive substantially at the same time.

Halbadduerer cell of the main stages receives one sum term output from a previous main stage or in the case of main array stage MS1 from the sub-matrix SA 00a carry term output from that same previous main stage or subarray SA 00a sum term output from the subarray stage that is local to this, ie, the block of adders immediately above it, and likewise a carry term from that same local subarray stage.

Circuit de multiplication comprenant: DE Free format text: Non-patent literature cited in the description.