The book, God Calling, is comprised of messages from a spirit guide to two the listeners compiled this book of daily guidance edited by A. J. Russell, who. God Calling is a book of messages that were allegedly given to “two she received a copy of a book by A. J. Russell entitled, For Sinners Only. Bring the reality of God and His constant concern for you into your heart every day of the year. Whatever your God Calling () by A.J. Russell.

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Why the book “God Calling” is considered occultic

I still read it. Mar 24, April rated it it was amazing.

The “Two Listeners” were just a couple of hard luck ladies doing the same thing – going to that quiet place gox themselves and asking for guidance and comfort and peace.

I had checked this out from the library and decided to buy my own copy. And do you know, I have read one passage every day since then. Individual efforts avail nothing. Aug 24, Pat Padden rated it it was amazing Shelves: The text of the book was actually recorded by 2 women who call themselves “The 2 listeners” and wished to remain anonymous.

God Calling by A.J. Russell

Dec 15, Jane DeGrado-Conforti rated it it was amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever stop reading it, and I believe that God will speak to me through it for a very long time. It is only the work of the Universal Spirit-My Spirit that counts.


A great companion for that part of my journey. Russell to edit their passages and get the messages Christ gave This book has rocked my world and saved my life over and over again. He would have to deny Himself, and the Bible says He cannot: Blessed are they who did not see and yet believed. The words of that Great Friend are given daily presence in God Calling —made easily available for God Calling presents the wisdom of Christianity through the ears and then the voices of Two Listeners.

Many are praying for you both. I keep it by my bed and read it every night. God Calling adds the oddity that it was written anonymously in the nineteenth century, making the syntax and grammar occasionally awkward to modern readers. Some time after, the Savior appeared to them and calking giving them messages for each day to help them with their lives. View all 3 comments. I read from this book each day. My reading of this book is an ongoing almost daily devotional.

In God Calling, a listener states: All thoughts harmful must be turned out.

Peter a.j.fussell us about twisting Scripture: Jun 24, Randy rated it did not like it Shelves: I do not accept the “Listeners,” lessons or interpretations of how my life is all planned out. This is a daily devotion book. From the first, beautiful messages were given to her from the Lord Himself, and every day from then these messages have never failed us. Wishing to remain anonymous, the listeners compiled this book of daily guidance edited by A.


The real Jesus was the unblemished Lamb, the only perfect sacrifice to make restitution for the sins of mankind. In contrast to the Law-Giver of the Bible who is perfect in justice and holiness PsalmGod Callingintroduces the seeker to a panentheistic, universal spirit:.

They had the dude, A. Dismiss from your minds the thought of a grudging God; who had to be petitioned with sighs and tears and much speaking before reluctantly He loosed the desired treasures. Others are better served by daily reading of the Bible.

Refresh and try again. The book has some old English grammar and language. To me, it is a testament to the fact that God loves all His children, and that He blesses the faithful in extraordinary ways.

Every step was necessary to their development — and so with you. Mar 26, Jeri rated it it was amazing.