Here are the best sites I’ve found which have anything to do with the Genevan Psalter. Of course, most of these would be found by any reliable search engine. Genevan Psalter – Psalms / Psalmen. Ernst Stolz Music; videos; , views; Last updated on May 14, Complete Psalm Project Genevan Psalter. The Genevan Psalter was the product of a collaborative effort among several people, most notably Louis Bourgeois, Claude Goudimel, Théodore de Bèze and .

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The Ensemble Goudimel has a recording of a few Genevan tunes in several settings, in French. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Genevan Psalter. The psalms were to be sung in unison octaves in worship. I found it an impressive collection in many ways, although it struck me that the versifications therein showed, among other things, the limitations of the original rhyming schemes, in which the stresses in the music and those in the text did not necessarily match.

I was curious genegan to their approach to texts, and asked whether they used rhyme; the Dutch and Hungarian psalters preserved the same rhyme schemes, for example, but I learned that rhyme is not part of Japanese poetry. However, in the Geneva psalter this tune was associated with Psalm Ecce nunc benedicite Dominum.

Witvliet, Worship Seeking Understanding: I have a dozen.

Genevan Psalter

A brief biography of Strejc is found on p. The Genevan melodies are still widely used in churches all over the world. Brandt en Zoon, n.

Here is my own versification gehevan Psalm 13, which departs from the traditional rhyme scheme, using instead A-B-B-A-C, which in my judgement better corresponds to the metrical structure of the music and eliminates the entirely unnecessary melisma in the fourth line: One way to assess the legacy is simply to count the number of psalm texts still sung to Genevan tunes in most North American hymnals.

In my undergraduate and graduate student years I benevan to discover the liturgical practices of the most ancient of the Christian churches, including the Roman Catholic and Orthodox, many of which survived within the Anglican and Lutheran churches.

A Reformed Approach to Psalmody: The Legacy of the Genevan Psalter

Please check back again soon! But the 20th century was no longer afraid of the sprightly rhythms. Material which is not to be copied is not available on this site directly, but may be purchased through the sites on the links page. In fact, Calvin’s oversight of the entire Genevan Psalter project suggests quite another motivation. His interpretation of Christianity, advanced above all…. Vande Vere Publishing, My own contact with the Lindemann volume as a young man had a decisive formative influence on my own subsequent prayer life.


At the same time, we should never shrink from singing the laments, which sorely need to be reincorporated into our liturgical life.

The MP3s are recordings of my voice singing all parts of the settings arranged from the Goudimel originals, up to three verses each. Other recordings include other voices or instruments as noted. Missionary activity as well as emigration from the Netherlands spread the Genevan Psalter especially to Indonesia, South Africa, 14 and Canada.

The lack of connection between text and tune contributed to the weakening of the metrical psalter tradition in England and Scotland. The biblical Psalms were meant to be sung. The genius of that heritage is one of fewer and simpler metrical structures, just a few, really, like Short, Long, and especially Common Meters.

Basil the Great spoke of it as an ancient hymn already in that same century. The ancient Hebrew psalmists delighted in repeating a thought twice, but in different words. The Genevan Psalteralso known as The Huguenot Psalter [1]is a collection of metrical psalms in French created under the supervision of John Calvin for liturgical use by the Reformed churches of the city of Geneva in the sixteenth century. Here is a scanned copy of a book containing the complete Genevan melodies, with German lyrics.

By contrast, Anglicans following an older version of their prayer book would sing the Gloria in Excelsis here. My colleague John Witvliet, director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, explores those questions in chapter 9 of his recent book Worship Seeking Understanding.

French Psalter, Genevan tunes – MP3 PDF music

This pattern was carried into the Scottish Psalters of andas well as into Tate and Brady in I wonder if Calvin were alive today what kind of a psalter he would propose. Psslter to that point the western church had chanted the psalms in Latin according to the method ascribed to Pope Gregory I the Great c.


Coming fresh to the Genevan tradition means that I am working without the benefit and the burden alike of having grown up hearing them sung a certain way. Not quite a dozen years after the publication of the Genevan Psalter, the legal scholar Ambrosius Lobwasserwho had heard the psalms sung by the Huguenots during his sojourn in the Berry region of France, published a German translation primarily for private use directly from the French text, something for which he was roundly criticized by his fellow Lutherans.

The Lobwasser Psalter was published in and would eventually find its way into the public worship of the Reformed Churches in, e. Inthe entire extant psalter could be sung every seventeen weeks. With exceptions only allowed for the Lord’s Supper. His versification of the first part of Psalm follows: It was still being used as recently as the turn of the last century.

Of course, the texts had to accommodate both meter and rhyme. There are at least three possibilities: It is an evening hymn most appropriately sung at the beginning of vespers in the Liturgy of the Hours. One of the struggles in editing the Psalter Hymnal was deciding when to restore the original rhythms completely. This literary factor may account in large measure for the decline in Psalm-singing in protestant churches by the end of the 18th century.

The page definition files PDFs are taken from a 6×9 spiral-bound psaltr assembled for my private use. Quite astonishing how well genfvan tunes translate to the CCM idiom. But afterwards, that suffering has become such a part of us that we cannot imagine exchanging it for something else.

I doubt that John Calvin was impressed first of all by Marot’s virtuosity. Finally, there is a page containing a sample liturgybased on a number of sources, showing the possible uses of the Psalms in the course of the ordinary worship service.