Unfortunately, the Kolbrin Bible has no authority beyond that claimed by its original publishers. On the Web there is no reference to “The Kolbrin” or “The. The Kolbrin Bible is a 2-part, book secular anthology. The first six books are called the “Egyptian texts” and were penned by Egyptian academicians following . The Kolbrin Bible: Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic These predications are contained in The Kolbrin Bible. WATCH FOR FREE.

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Men and their dwelling places were gone, only sky boulders and red earth remained where once they were, but amidst all the desolation a few survived, for man is not easily destroyed. Such striving as you know is to us no more than purposeless vexation”.

He was Fanvar, son of Auma and Atem. If so please move on…nothing to see here. So in his frustration he replaces the dimly seen incomprehensible with things within his understanding. Then Dadam became ill and Lewid also, and Lewid said to the woman, “You must obtain the pure essences from within the Sacred Enclosure, and Setina, the Moonmother, will prepare an elixir which will cure us”.

Wisdom From the Ancients

Why do you think the Roman Churchland spent so much time fighting there two tribes? You may plumb the kollbrin and pluck the stars. She followed the ways of the cradleland, not the ways of Earth.

All things are by nature finite, they have a beginning, a middle and an end. What crop will it produce?

Some, who were loathsome in aspect even unto themselves, went apart and were mercifully veiled in dark depths, and they said among themselves, “Let us dwell here in the darkness and prepare a place for others like ourselves, so that when they follow they abide here and join us”. In this manner the first Earth was destroyed by calamity descending from out of the skies.

The Kolbrin Bible []

Clean The Destroyer and Sitchin’s Nibiru. We can only consign these books to the ground and destiny, trusting they will be called forth at the proper time and in a receptive generation. For what use is it desiring a great destination when the law of sowing and reaping decrees that an intolerable burden must be carried on the way?

Rain fell gently once more and clouds of fleece floated across dayskies. A man imperfect, of earthly limitations, a thing unfinished, ungainly and unlearned, but proudly was He presented to Earth’s Creator.


It was then decided each should go his own way, but they should meet at the same place again at the next full moon, when Gwidon would be able to help with their decision. Maeva took what had been given to her and finding Dadam laid low in his bed gave him a draught from her vessel, though she had to use frse wiles to get him to drink it. It was strengthened by development of feelings of love between man and woman and between these and their kindred; by the appreciation of beauty and devotion to duty; by the development of all qualities that pertain to humans and not to animals.

The Kolbrin Bible [] by Marshall Masters on Apple Podcasts

They are the disciplines which enabled the tmly enlightened ones of the past to awaken itmer perception and make direct contact with The Universal Source of Truth. Time went by and the half-folk called Yoslings began to gather around her habitation and they thought she was a goddess and worshipped her. The words, of themselves, are sterile, it is the spirit biblf the whole that give the Bble meaning and life.

Irrespective of origins or contributors, the Kolbrin as a whole and in its present form has been adequately validated and endorsed by Higher Authorities as being a body of wisdom conducive to spiritual enlightenment.

Would you still be grateful for it after a thousand years kolvrin passed? They fell upon one another in senseless wanton bloodshed; neither did they spare woman or child, for they knew not what they did.

Estartha called him Lewid the Lightbringer, for it was her intention that he should be taught the ways kolbriin those who walked in light, that he might in time enlighten his own people.

Those with Dadam, who looked back towards the place of the garden, saw bright tongues of light licking the sky above it, the whole being interwoven with flickering flames in many hues. No name had been named and no destinies foreshadowed. The ancient text also happens to narrate the story of human creation and even mentions the existence of ancient cultures that existed on Earth before the arrival of Adam and Eve.

Gwidon spoke at length, telling them that the nightsky sign heralded a new era. Now, when Gwineva and the wise men attended to Herthew they saw that while the shield arm had been injured it was not unfeeling, for it grasped the hand of Gwineva, but this the sword arm could not do, though it was uninjured. To the traveler, information about the road behind is worthless. They seem to have previously been loosely known as ‘Koferils’. The Kolbrin makes mention of ‘Wise Strangers’ and there is a tradition to the effect that these were the original Culdians Kailedy.


The last five books are called the “Celtic texts” and were penned by Celtic priests following the death of Jesus. The seas were loosened from their cradles and rose up, pouring across the land. Then Habaris prepared a strange fire with stones, unlike any fire seen before, and when it burnt low he plucked out that which is called ‘child of the green flame’ and he beat it out so it became a blade. Lewid also departed for a place far out in the wilderness. Is worldly wealth still so important to you?

There they were filled with an inflowing vision, seeing themselves as they were and as they should have been, and they were ashamed. The face of the land was changed and Earth was littered with rocks and stones which had fallen when the structure of Heaven collapsed.

While it gave health and strength to The Children of God, safeguarding them from the sicknesses of the Yoslings, if given to others it caused a wasting away.

Ivan is editor-in-chief at ancient-code. The fall of man was a fall from loving contact with God into material carnality. The idea was that these events were cyclical and the earth went through upheaval.

We trust you have no cause to reproach those who once held stewardship over your estate. When the war-filled days had passed, Herthew withdrew to the place where Habaris made the bright battleblade, and already he had taught the mysteries of their making to others, sealing their mouths with magic.

Above the cup appeared a shimmering moon-coloured mist like a thin cold flame. There were great land masses and high mountains, wide barren places and heaving waters.