The Fluke series combines the power of a high performance oscilloscope, multimeter and paperless recorder in an easy to use test tool you will come to rely . range of manual trigger modes plus external triggering. Frequency Spectrum using FFT analysis. 27, points per input record length using. ScopeRecordv. A. Turn scope on – circular button in lower left hand corner. B. Push the yellow button labeled “Scope”. C. Press the lime green Auto/Manual button. D. Connect .

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Equipment Required For Verification Equipment Required For Calibration Calibrating The Voltage Probes Dmm Measurements On Meter Inputs Changing The Display Color c-versions Dmm Volt Gain Input B Lf-hf Gain Meter dmm Tests Final Assembly Parts Using Memory, Pc Manial Printer Parts And Accessories Volts Dc Measurement Verification Manial Main Pca Unit Parts flike Using The Scope List Of Replaceable Parts Automatic Trigger Mannual Ohms Measurements Test Triggering On External Waveforms Calibration Number And Date Automatic Scope Measurements Unpacking The Test Tool Kit Making Meter Connections Saving And Recalling General Safety Information Starting The Calibration Triggering On Video Signals Zooming In On A Waveform Table Of Contents Making Scope Connections Resetting The Test Tool Freezing The Readings Diode Test Function Test Time Base Test Probe Calibration Generator Test Setting Trigger Level And Slope Triggering On Edges Using Trigger Delay Or Pre-trigger Powering The Test Tool