FLENDER Standard Couplings. Flexible Couplings – RUPEX Series. General information. 8/3. Siemens MD · 8. RUPEX pin and bush coupling types. In the case of a RUPEX RWN coupling with an outer diam- eter of mm . All FLENDER couplings with a finished bore and parallel keyway are designed. RUPEX RWS [2LCABAA0]. RUPEX RWS FLENDER COUPLINGS RUPEX RWS (1) PART 1 (2) PART 2. AXIAL LOCKING: WITH SET.

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They are resistant to wear and maintenance-free. Coupling Elastic coupling Rigid coupling Permanent magnetic coupling Toothed coupling Blade coupling Metal bellows coupling. For more information, please feel free to contact with us. Widely used in the whole field of mechanical engineering, as high-speed coupling on the motor side e. Our product selection APRS: BIPEX rulex are used for all mechanical engineering purposes where an uninterrupted transmission of power is required even in the presence of unavoidable shaft misalignments.

Many type variants are offered, e.

Flexible Pin and Bush Coupling, standard series available in 23 sizes. LPG forklift – Pro 5 series – 4. RUPEX couplings are used as flexible compensating couplings in all applications requiring a reliable transmission of torque under harsh operating conditions. RUPEX couplings are used in general mechanical flenver both as high-speed couplings and for high torques, e.

Many type variants are offered, e. RUPEX couplings are used in general mechanical engineering both as high-speed couplings and for high torques, e.

FLUDEX couplings limit the starting and the maximum torque in the drive train and serve as starting aid for the motor, as overload protection in case of malfunction, and for torsional vibration separation. Examples of application General mechanical engineering; especially as high-speed coupling on the motor side and for bell housing installation, e.

Types with a fail-safe device between the flexible rings ensure emergency operation if the flexible rings are destroyed.

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Torsionally Rigid Couplings go. The conical seats of the buffer pins facilitate mounting and guarantee maintenance-free operation.

Flexible couplings RUPEX series

Torque is transmitted by the fluid movement in the coupling accelerated by the radial blades. Therefore, those couplings ensure reliable connection in nearly all industrial sectors. Selection and Engineering Tools go. Four series of FLUDEX couplings are offered with various types and sizes designed according to the modular construction system and for power ratings up to 2, kW.

Large variety of different executions available.

Flexible couplings RUPEX series – Industry Mall – Siemens WW

Hydraulic drives Geared motors Pump drives Axle drives Advantages of the product Torsionally flexible; high damping properties Flexible fail-safe claw coupling Very compact design; high power capacity Very well suitable for plug-in assembly and assembly into bell housings Available ex stock in 13 sizes for a torque range from Chemistry, laboratories and health Chemistry equipment and accessories Medical devices Additives Special chemistry Inorganic chemistry Pharmacy and Biotechnology equipment Machines and equipment Pure chemistry Laboratory furniture.

Examples of application RUPEX couplings are used in general mechanical engineering both as high-speed couplings and for high torques, e. Because of the large elastomer volume, comparably large shaft misalignments can be compensated. The product range covers rupes of a torque range from 10 up to 10, Nm. Find your suppliers Complete your request and let our teams find you the best deals flendeer.

List your products and services to enhance your web presence and receive qualified enquiries. The compact and rugged design ensures a long service life and a high degree of operational reliability.

The products range covers many types of couplings, such as flexible and highly flexible couplings, gear couplings, clutches, and torque limiters. Highly flexible ELPEX-B couplings transmit torques without circumferential backlash in machines with non-uniform torque characteristic. Safety at work Access control Fire protection Industrial safety: Advantages of the product 1 Torque range of the standard series between Nm and 1, Nm.

Training IT training Production technology training Maintenance training Aeraulics and ventilation training Industrial acoustics training Training in engineering Training in Mechanics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics Training in security Trainining in Logistics.


ZAPEX gear couplings of the ZN series are made of high-quality quenched and tempered steel and are manufactured according to the modular construction system. Many types are available ex stock. Self-Aligning pedestal and flange bearing housing: Examples are papermaking and printing machines. Chemistry, laboratories and health. ARPEX all-steel couplings are without circumferential backlash, suitable for high ambient temperatures, and especially for machines which must be operated with high precision.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Optical fibre network for very flendeer speed Internet access. ARPEX all-steel couplings have proved themselves for over flencer years in all fields of engineering where reliable and maintenance-free transmission of torque is required in the case of shaft misalignments. Gas Mixers in Laser Technology.

They are particularly used in sensitive machines where input and output side are to be disconnected upon failure of the flexible elements or where the coupling must be maintenance-free.

Advantages of the product Flexible fail-safe pin and bush coupling for medium up to high torques Compact design; low weights and mass moments of inertia Independent of direction of rotation suitable for reversing operation Suitable for plug-in assembly blind assembly, bell housing installation Torque range of the standard series between Nm and 1, Nm Can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres; certified acc.

Mechanics, Hydraulics and Pneumatics. Owing to its low torsional rigidity and damping property the ELPEX-S coupling is very well suitable flendeg connecting machines with a considerably non-uniform torque characteristic.

Safety and security Industrial safety: Liquid flow meter LC-Series. RUPEX couplings fflender used in general mechanical engineering both as high-speed couplings and for high torques, in the following machinery.