Erfworld is a story-driven fantasy/comedy webcomic about a master strategy gamer summoned into and stuck inside a wargame. The first book, The Battle for Gobwin Knob was written by Rob Balder and illustrated by Jamie Noguchi. Erfworld was recognized as one of the top 10 graphic novels of by. Erfworld Book 1: Battle for Gobwin Knob [Jamie Noguchi, Rob Balder, none] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Battle for Gobwin Knob. Erfworld has ratings and 9 reviews. Arminzerella said: Parson Gotti (aka Lord Hamster) is called out of his world and into Erfworld (a sort of cutesy.

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Erfworld : Book 1

Drawing a connection between this title and his search for the Arkentools, Stanley declared that he should henceforth be addressed as “Tool”. The Arkendish may also be the reason Charlie can produce Archon units. Charlie has consistently remained offscreen, interacting with other characters via remote communication.

His name is a reference to Vinny Boombatz, a erfworlx character created by stand-up comedian Rodney Dangerfield. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Rob writes and sings comedy songs, and has recorded two CDs. Stanley’s chief adviser, Wanda Firebaugh, convinces him to purchase a “Summon Perfect Warlord” spell as a final attempt booj prevent defeat. Magic within each class can be further aligned to any of three axes Erf, Fate and Numbersthus dividing each class into three disciplines.

Archived from the original on April 12, Now, we hold only the capital. Mar 26, – Apr 25, 30 days. A count of the Transylvito tribe who fights for the Royal Crown Coalition.

Here’s a trailer for the comic. Retrieved 29 June eerfworld Meanwhile, Prince Ansom of Jetstone is leading a massive coalition toward Stanley’s capital, Gobwin Knob, hoping to destroy Stanley’s side forever. OK print edition of a great web comic serial.


Erfworld: Print Book 2 & Draw Book 3 by Rob Balder — Kickstarter

Each is individually boxed, with its own plastic base. As he is describing the game, rules, setting, etc. Meanwhile, Ansom has dispatched a force of air units, led by Jillian, to hunt down Stanley. I know [Ansom’s] entire battle plan. I will try to keep my grubby words off of these, and let booi enjoy the view. This character sheet will be posted on the main page at Erfworld. They refuse, and a battle breaks out in which Ansom’s brother Ossomer is captured.

See project FAQ for terms and conditions.

Stanley escapes under a veil cast by his foolamancer and heads back toward Gobwin knob. I have to pay them both! Estimated delivery Jul He is the Associate Editor of Nth Degree, a popular fanzine covering genre fiction, gaming, comics, fandom and more. Not only did my son experience the joy of helping another reach a goal, he delighted his Dad by making this beautiful book a Christmas gift.

Jillian eventually locates the dwagons but is unwilling to attack because she is under Wanda’s bok spell. A Thinkamancer in the employ of Gobwin Knob. No trivia or quizzes yet. There are moments of inconsistencies which are due to the nature of how the comic is created; the story develops as it is written and drawn and what was apparent early, appear to be misremembered later in the tale.

Erfworld follows a graphic novel format, with a new page added with each biok. Erfworld’s plot, setting, and characters are released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial, ShareAlike license.

Wanda animates the fallen enemies into an army of uncroaked soldiers, which Parson uses to protect the outer walls of Gobwin Knob. Overlord of the side “Gobwin Knob” and of the nearly lost Plaid tribe.

I mean, she was in tears about those magnets: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Parson quickly puts some defensive plans into action. Since then, none of Parson’s swearing has been censored by Erfworld.


Magic can be performed in Erfworld by units called casters. Aug 02, Mike rated bok really liked it Shelves: She tells Parson he is himself mostly responsible for the death and desolation around him.

Steven rated it really liked it Jul 25, The character of Charlie, his archons, and his penchant for mystery are likely drawn from the titular character of the s television series Charlie’s Angels. In your donor survey, you’ll be asked for your name, a brief message to edfworld readers, and a link to any website you enjoy all of these are optional. What makes you think we’re the “bad guys?

We will then keep these at a permanent page at Erfworld.

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. This ploy tricks Ansom into thinking he has found an unguarded route to the main city garrison. When she broke the first link, she protected herself from the backlash at the expense of the other two. From now on, everyone addresses me as “Tool!

The spell summons Earth gamer Etfworld Gotti whose name is an anagram for ” Protagonist ” into Erfworld, where he is to serve as chief warlord under Stanley. Rob’s songs have often been heard on the sy Rob Balder is the author of Erfworld.