Epifanes Clear Varnish is a high gloss marine varnish for use on wood. This is a true spar varnish containing an exceptionally high percentage of solids and UV. Epifanes clear marine spar varnish is renowned for its gloss finish and offers superior protection in all climates. Formulated with tung oil, phenolic and alkyd. Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish is compatible with most other types of one- component alkyd or urethane based varnishes and over two-component varnishes.

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This resin system is not designed for quick overcoating.

I have been using two-part varnish in some applications, but have grown weary of the thin consistency and high cost. A block may be used to assist in fairing the surface. They are non-returnable, may take weeks, price and shipping charges subject to change.

For long lasting protection of all marine or household woods. TotalBoat Lust Marine Varnish. Clueless Yes, you can use a foam roller, and tip it with a brush to smooth out any bubbles.

Gary San Diego Avoid varnishing in too much wind or sun. In order to obtain a varnish system with sufficient build-up, aggressive epidanes or sanding machines are not recommended between fresh coats. Epifanes Wood Finish Matte Varnish.


Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish Application Directions

Epiphanes gets similar results, and is the best of the one-parts varnishes. I’d try a small amount first.

Brush application with a good quality, clean, natural bristle brush will give good results. Home Products Categories Varnishes. I have lot’s of teak on my boat including the cockpit sole.

Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish

If so what size nap? Follow the thinning instructions on the can and try it on a test piece. Spray viscosity 18 – 22 seconds Din Cup 4, 14 – 18 seconds Ford Cup 4.

Pneumajoe Connecticut lots of choices but I’ll stick with this classic. Again, first time using this product. The varnish was easy to apply and left the doors looking like mirrors.

Blue Moon turns heads.

Allow a minimum of 24 hours between coats and sand lightly with or grit wet or epifahes abrasive paper. Let it dry completely, Sand with steel wool or scotchbrie pad. Epifanes Clear High Gloss Marine Varnish can be applied on almost any marine mono- or bi-components ckear. Superior flow, gloss and durability. Sponge Brush by Chidaca. So far this is the best I’ve found.

The varnish still turns to jello top to bottom after a few weeks. Gerry Yes, it can be wet sanded and buffed. Jamestown Distributors Epifanes Paints Part I: Allow 24 hours to cure and sand with grit dry abrasive paper. Yes, it can be wet sanded epifames buffed. If it is, would I use it alone on the sanded wood?


Personally, I have bought varnish in small units. Carl This product can not be over coated at this rate. If so what application method would be best for a large flat surface?

A rapid loss of solvents will occur under these conditions and will decrease the flowing ability. Experiment, should varnush ok clarkd44 I am not sure why it would not work.

Wholesale Marine and Building Supplies

It is more based on the material you are applying it to as to how absorbent it is. And I use it on indoor stained wood trim around windows, floor boards, etc.

I also use it indoors in a stone shower over stained thin strips of wood trim. You could stain the wood first. It stayed tacky for weeks.