So, let’s get back to the above photo to see a real life example. I selected them in Lightroom and then launched LR/Enfuse with the default . I shoot real estate photography in FL, using multiple lighting more often. but many. I’m in Southern California and photograph luxury real estate properties here, often in the $1m to $7m plus range. And my realtor and home builder clients want to. When I shoot for architects, builders or interior designers I have the time built in to the shoot to use strobes and light the scene. I have one big.

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LR/Enfuse for InteriorsPhotographer’s Toolbox | Photographer’s Toolbox

When I shoot for architects, builders or interior designers I have the time built in to the shoot to use strobes and light the scene. I have one big RE client and that’s mroe of photograpjy “volume” client. I don’t have tons of time for each listing, so I’ve turned to HDR for the higher end homes.

I’m not really happy with all of my results. Some shots look great, but others get odd color casts or I have real trouble adjusting the tones to get the real natural look.

Enfuse For Real Estate Photography

I usually shoot a bracket of 9 exposures, 1EV each. Sometimes I photogaphy all the exposures, sometimes I’ll pick 5 or 7 along the tonal range and use just those.


I haven’t had a chance to compare them yet. Darren Sutherland Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Darren Sutherland member 4 years ago. This is a direct copy and paste of my comment in this thread, it should help you with a suggestion: Mask out the dstate layer completely and paint in the windows if the flash is usable for your windows.

Step 7 – paint out the imperfection of the flash colour layer then lower the opacity of the flash colour layer Step 8 – make your final adjustments to the image in Lightroom don’t forget to straighten your verticals! I noticed that you’ve missed that on nearly all of your interior images.

Robert Weaver Photography 4 years ago. I concur on the three brackets. I can hardly tell the difference between 7 and 3 other than time shooting.

I then open the processed files In PS camera raw and correct white balance using auto and adjust with dropper if required. I then save and reopen corrected files and batch process with Guy Gowans actions which can be tweeked on the run.

Fix verts flatten and save.

Kfalconer 4 years ago. Darren – This is such great info!! Thank you for sharing it. I was wondering, when you have eatate minute, if you might be willing to tell us the whys of each step.

If I have a better understanding of the intent for these edits, I’ll better understand how to maximize their potential. I am mostly referring to the layer options.


I know this is a big request – just thought I would put it out there. Oh – and when you use this process – is the goal of the flashed exposure to get a nice window pull? Adam Rainer 4 years ago.

I found that Enfuse came out muddy, but the flash layer should solve this. There is no “one size fits all” with regard to exposure fusion techniques.

The contrast range of the scene both global and local determines the approach required to produce a “natural” rendition.

Unless one is willing to do the hard work of methodical testing, a consistently natural look will always be elusive. PeterKissPhotography 7 months ago. I see it is an old thread but let me add – if possible do not leave your base ISO.

The higher the ISO the more grain your camera gives to the photo but the higher problem is that you loose quite a lot of dynamic range as you leave the base ISO Usually it is ISObut on some models it is ISO 64 Just to understand – the reason why you shoot brackets is the dynamic range – dont loose it on the other hand.