ENDO Balancers – Features and Benefits. 3. Specification Data Sheet. 4. Balancer Summary Chart. 5. Spring Balancer Safety Features. 6. Application Guidelines. ERP Series Spring Balancers. Standard features include: Endo Spring Balancers. Page 2. CHAINS Spring Balancers. Capacity Min. (kg). Capacity Max. Features: Strong, lightweight aluminium body. Easy maintenance with interchangeable kit parts. Tapered drum for exact torque retraction across the full stroke.

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ENDO Balancers have several useful accessories. Spring Balancers provide constant tension on the cable, accomplished with a spring motor and a tapered drum. This series is for suspending heavy objects. Air Tool Reel This version utilizes the highest air flow rate and support for a sprinh of up to 2m.

Tension adjustment is easy sprinf precise. In the event that a spring breaks, an automatic centrifugal brake engages and locks, preventing damage to the tool.

The ENDO spring balancer and tool balancer line includes many useful accessories as well. Used by several automotive manufacturers, the EWA sets the balanncer standard for employee safety and ergonomic.

Buffed and barrel-polished casing and cover Synthetic food-grade grease H1 grade on the spring Stainless steel lower hook, plug, rivet, bolts, and screws Zinc plated upper hook and pins Rope Types: Try to utilize the upper range of the balancer capacity ratings.

Additional hose can be added in 3. The EKN Series is used where electrostatic discharge can damage electronics or other sensitive assemblies, but where a “clean room” balancer is not needed. The reel also is made with a fall prevention device.


Plain Trolley When attached to a beam, this trolley enables smooth horizontal movement by hand. The cable is sheathed in nylon to prevent metal flaking and contamination of the clean environment.

This type has a long stroke and is ideal in a large space. Try to utilize the upper range of the capacity ratings. This version utilizes the highest air flow rate and support for a stroke of up to 2m. Eliminates the need to separately power the balancer. The balancer of this series is equipped with safety features that are same as the EWS series.

With the ratchet mechanism, you can stop the wire rope at any position even when the balancer is not loaded. Standard lightweight type capacity: Try to utilize the upper range of the balancer capacity ratings.

In addition, the frame is manufactured to protect the wheels from collisions with other trolleys.

They are the ultimate solution when particulates from the standard exterior balancer finish might contaminate food or sensitive assemblies. EW Series Balancers are available in an unpainted version. Unique solution for feed-back tools Easy and reliable operation Eliminates problems with coiled hose Exclusive 18 month warranty ATR Series Air Tool Reel The Air Tool Reel provides an air hose and ratchet mechanism that allows a tool to stay suspended. Air Tool Spring Balancers provide a safer and more organized workplace by eliminating the need for an air supply hose and a separate cable balancer.


Endo EW/EWS/EWF Spring Balancer

If the suspension cable is cut, a centrifugal brake engages and the drum locks. Buy this product online. We offer many specialty spring balancers with safety features, and tool balancers for clean-room applications, food preparation, static discharge, and air tools.

Lead Time Call for availability. When choosing a tool balancer, selection is based upon the total weight to be balanced tool and all accessories and stroke requirements.

Endo EW/EWS/EWF Spring Balancer, Rs /piece, Endo Kogyo India Private Limited | ID:

Casings are made of durable, lightweight, high impact ABS resin. Balancing device for various kinds of equipment.

Call or Email us at sales ergonomicpartners. Choose your options then “Add to Cart” below. This prevents the cable from snapping back and injuring operators or damaging equipment.

Bridgeton, MO PH: The exposed part of the drum is minimized to ensure worker safety. Used to suspend a constant load EWA-series has a fully enclosed housing and a plastic wire guide set. They provide true “zero gravity” tool holding with no drifting or strain.

Tension adjustment that is easy and precise High impact plastic case Forged Steel Swivel Hook Exclusive 18 balanncer warranty. Balacer Series Balancers are also available in an unpainted version.

Manipulator Arms Custom End Effectors.