The general goal of this research is to develop a construction performance diagnostic approach capable of assisting in identifying likely Firstly, the construction industry is fragmented (Flood et al. El-Choum, M. (). Abdallah Elchoum Construction in Staten Island, NY specializes in bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, home builders, and. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Abdallah Elchoum Construction at 46 Richard Ln, Staten Island, NY. Search for other General Contractors.

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User can also flexibly modify his or her own selection of the casual factors in different construction contexts. One of the difficult tasks currently faced el-choun the industry is how to extract the information desired from such a large amount of dispersed data, and quickly, to help explain actual performance. A more specific description of the control process followed with varying degrees of rigour in the construction industry involves: And after comparing the critical factors identified with the ones identified as having impact on productivity at the overall project definition level Lu and HermannZhi et al.

Interested in using Smith to renovate your home? Nevertheless it is difficult to determine if the cost overruns result from inaccurate cost estimates, poorly managed projects, or procurement 12 problems, or some combination thereof. It was found that practitioner opinions on the relative importance of some of the factors listed in the el-cgoum e.

Two different kinds of training or learning method can be employed: Raining Ground condition Ij start Resource availability Affect AffectAffect 70 As to case-based reasoning, it is an approach of solving new problems based on the solutions to similar past problems. It is also important that users understand that fl-choum the relationships are axiomatic or self-proved in nature, the values assigned to specific variables may reflect a causal reasoning process that to some extent is experience-based in nature, e.

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Factors that affect performance can affect each other. The tests for assessing the fit of a diagnostic approach and hence its potential for workability are: There contruction no limitation on the number of critical factors that can be treated in mathematical models, i. Bayesian networks are directed acyclic graphs whose nodes represent variables factors, performance outcomeswhose arcs signify the existence of direct ib influences between the linked variables, and the strengths of these influences are expressed by forward conditional probabilities Pearl Different from a predictive model, an explanatory coonstruction means that after observing a deviation of actual performance from expected performance during the construction phase, the model can help el-chum personnel identify what the most plausible causes are for el-houm deviation based on an examination of relevant project data.


It is found that lists of factors abound in the literature, however, no general consensus has been reached on a definitive set of factors Chan et al b. In academia, there is a range of views as to what constitutes knowledge. Legislators have told naval officials that controlling Littoral Combat Ship cost overruns is necessary to add more ships to the budget. Woodward developed a different mathematical model for predicting productivity, and formulated it in the form of a worksheet to enhance its practical use.

Sometimes, independent variables are not truly so, and the relationship may be in the form of an experience-based causal relationship.

Navon also argued that the reasons for performance deviation can be schematically divided into two groups a unrealistic target setting i. Overall, the findings obtained conshruction using this method provide its users with insights into the various possible causes for undesired performance outcomes, which can assist them, to some extent, to formulate hypotheses to explain a particular performance deviation observed. Smith does not verify licensing or insurance coverage.

He was released without bail and is due back in court on Dec. But as discussed previously, it is very possible to find that for a particular performance deviation the limited number of critical factors in a predictive model cannot explain the deviation, i.

Investeringar i kommunal infrastruktur: The reasoning process involves black box technique, e. A significant number of research efforts conducted by the academic community to identify critical factors affecting xonstruction performance outcomes and to develop construction performance models have been carefully reviewed herein.

Other methods made use of to identify critical causal factors include case study, analytical hierarchy process AHPand literature review. As to diagnosing construction performance, we believe seeking a structured holistic approach or framework is possible and would be more beneficial than adding parts to existing approaches for treating a subset of performance measures. Jahren and AsheArditi and GunaydinSawacha et al.


In terms of treating a spectrum of values for a causal factor and apportioning the value of the effect variable amongst active causal factors, the challenges are very significant. To achieve this, it means that VI the structured diagnosis process embedded in the overall approach should be transparent and intuitively understandable for practitioners, and VII no requirement should exist for the users to run complex analytical tools for which they lack the necessary training and require specialist assistance.

Diagnosing construction performance by using causal models – UBC Library Open Collections

Arditi used the same questionnaire and statistical analysis method to survey the top contractors again a few years later, and further compared the results obtained with those from the previous one. The system is easy to use and no specialist assistance costruction required. In past research efforts, several frameworks for diagnosing construction performance have been proposed, but they are not sufficiently general to be applicable to all key performance measures such as time, cost, quality, constrction e.

Compared with the results obtained by Jaselskis and Ashleythe interesting finding is that although the same data were analyzed construxtion different researchers, the factors identified based on use of the neural network technique, no matter for time or cost performance, are not the same as by using the logistic regression analysis.

Our community has over 80, available contractors. Years in Cojstruction 3. Cost and time performances were studied. Computer information systems are usually constructed on a ocnstruction layered architecture, normally including data, business specific and user interface layers. Challenges that exist in making comparisons between planned and actual performance also involve consistent use of measurements and comparable levels of detail between data describing as-planned and as-built performance or a means to derive comparable levels of detail.

As to planned logic relationships among the activities, it is also noticed that implicit predecessors, which are necessary conditions e.