Claves iniciales para el autoliderazgo. Public with your friends. See the recurring event Claves iniciales para el autoliderazgo for more details and discussion. “El autoliderazgo comienza con la autoestima” – Raquel Bonsfills. 4 days ago El auto-liderazgo y el líder al minuto is Gestión y liderazgo En este nuevo libro Ken Blanchard revela clara y profundamente cómo el poder.

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The essence of leadership is autolidegazgo self-leadership, and it starts with changing yourself. This change can only come from the 3 pillars of coaching:.

Becoming Aware self 2. I can and I’m willing. From there, I propose a Decalogue of what I consider the way of self-leadership, by the way, it is a way for life. All life must keep learning and improving to be getting better and better leaders autoilderazgo. Then, I show you based on my own personal autoliserazgo Decalogue. It is not the absolute truth, but my own view of the issue: Have you been interested in this item?

Javier Carril Managing Partner. E-Mail will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Executive Coaching and Training in Management Skills.

This change can only come autoliddrazgo the 3 pillars of coaching: Goes from spectator to protagonist of your life. The firm attitude to take charge is essential to be a leader.

Spectators and victims will never be influential. Set yourself motivational giants and long-term goals, and fight for them.

The ambitious objectives generate motivation and overcome mental barriers. The long term is key to a leader. One focused on the short term has never done anything really important.

El auto-liderazgo y el líder al minuto

Connect with the purpose or mission autoliderazo your life. A leader must be permanently connected with the meaning of life, that is transferred to your job. Remember that mission will help to overcome adversity and to persevere in their goals. Keep a permanent attitude of curiosity and willingness to learn. If a person autoliderzgo he knows everything, It is that it is an ignorant or a fool. The self-leadership is always based on an attitude restless, exploring, to experience, and learn.


Learning is the lifeblood of leadership, because you are guaranteed to have a fresh mind. Accept with serenity the things that can not change. There are many things beyond our control.

Endeavor to change our energy wears, something we need to move towards our goals. The positive acceptance is a trainable competition through, for example, the practice of mindfulness. Devote some time each day to be alone with yourself in silence. I see the self-leadership as a balance between the yin and yang, According to Chinese tradition. Namely, a balance between stop and go, between enjoying the present moment and set goals for the future, between being and doing.

It is a paradoxical balance, but necessary.

Hence, This point is important, because we need breaks, moments of reflection, Connection with us, reset. Decisions and actions that make you out of your comfort zone. Dare, risk, experience outside the known, how comfortable. The self-leadership is about challenge yourself to yourself, autoliderazbo live with the inevitable afraid to leave our comfort zone.

Through this point we guarantee continuous improvement, and certainly, autolierazgo exciting life. Be ruthless with the use of your time: Time is a precious resource, and a leader knows.

El Autoliderazgo by Bárbara Montenegro on Prezi

Also he knows that it is ahtoliderazgo limited resource and that success depends on how you utlicemos, what we choose to do in the limited time. Focus on what really matters is a skill that also trains with the practice of mindfulness. Live and enjoy the present. It is the only reality that exists. Marked motivating goals is a huge engine of motivation and continuous growth, but we must not allow ourselves to be enslaved by our goals.


If we obsess so the only success is in getting those goals, we will be losing the treasures of the road, the process to achieve our dreams. Learning to live in the here and now, besides being the key to lasting happiness, It is the key to high performance. Practice mindfulness and you train your mind to get increasingly anchored to the here and now. Who you think you are? Because this question is very different from the question Who are you?. What we believe about ourselves and what we believe about life, on the other, etc.

The problem is that often these beliefs are not real, but a mere idea that we bought, and that autolidwrazgo limiting us every day.

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Perhaps you think you are not able to accomplish many things, and that’s not real. For me, This point is the beginning of everything.

The self-leadership begins when we become aware of what beliefs or preconceptions are limiting aitoliderazgo potential and our results, and we decided to question them and demolish.

Only this point can transform our lives.