Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne. I find that there have been minimal societal and cultural changes, since when Edward Bernays published Crystallizing Public Opinion. Few books have been as quietly powerful as Edward L. Bernays’s Crystallizing Public Opinion. First published in , it is a groundbreaking and, as history has .

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It was inherent even in the semantics of the terminology. One bank’s vice-president is its rec- ognized public relations ‘counsel. In the Western part of Greece, a struggle for political independence took place. He limits his reference to the old-time press agent.

Defending the role of the public relations counsel as a “special pleader”, Bernays writes that the viewpoints which he fosters are not necessarily worse than those he would discourage. Indeed for whatever point of view from which the trust problem is considered, pub- licity stands as the first step in its solution.

Modern America’s size and heterogeneity “make it necessary to-day for the proponent of a point of view to engage an expert to represent him before society, an expert who must know how to reach groups totally dissimilar as to ideals, customs, and even language.

The disunity of forces which seek to overthrow dominant groups is illustrated every day in every phase of our lives. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Their function was to obtain newspaper space for the defense of business, including public utili- ties. They horrified the upholders of the old methods, they desperately offended the ancient conven- tions, they were as rough and direct as democ- racy itself.

Thus, making him a double nephew to one household biologically speaking.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

A good starter book for understanding the work of the so-called “compliance professionals” read: For the amateur ethnologist he pro- vided interesting and accurate data of the racial origins of Lithuania. Feb 23, D. Many organizations simply do not bother about an individual name and assign to an ex- isting officer the duties ; of the public relations counsel. InWoodrow Wilson, later to become President of the United States, in an essay on Cabinet Government in the United States,” made one of the earliest pleas for publicity for political affairs.


Rulers impressed themselves upon the peo- ple through erection of statues and other monu- ments.

The maitre d’hotel edwarc himself something of a national figure. He cited Barbara Frietchie, Evangeline, John Smith and a half dozen others as instances to prove that they are remembered not for what they did, but because they had ex- cellent counsel on their public relations. In the Renaissance, a new respect for reason and the right of every human being to investigate nature and society independently, gave individual opinion much greater opportunity for crystallizlng and expression.

Taking his cue from the Revolution he became not only a military leader, but a great persuader as well.

Book Review: Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward Bernays | D.T. Griffith

During the war and for a period afterwards its main problem was that of satisfy- ing the public that its service was necessarily below standard because of the peculiar national conditions. He queried men and women who represented groups, sections and opinions of main cities and towns throughout the country. Hordes of publicity agents served products and causes.

Practices com- monly in use in the modern profession of public relations are based on this book. By far the larger number give out infor- mation. They represented a group which could no longer be entirely ignored. This association began with the simple commercial ambition of acquainting the public with “the value of jewelry merchandise for gift purposes” ; now it finds itself engaged in eliminating from the public mind in general, and from the minds of legislators in par- ticular, the impression that “the jewelry business is absolutely useless and that any money spent in a jewelry store is thrown away.

The principles on which the book is based, human behavior and the needs of organizations to communicate to the public, have largely remained unchanged.


SCOPE AND FUNCTIONS 33 Further incidents cystallizing be given here, illus- trating different aspects of the ordinary daily functions of the public relations counsel—how, for example, the production of “Damaged Goods” in America became the basis of the first notably successful pubilc in this country for overcoming the prudish refusal to appreciate and face the place of sex in human life; or how, more recently, the desire of some great corporations to increase their business was, through cryxtallizing advice of Ivy Lee, their public relations counsel, made the basis of popular education on the importance of brass and copper to civilization.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Later my Memoirs, on which I am now working, will, I hope, be useful to the practitioners of tomorrow in enabling them to profit from my own experiences.

The crowd unconsciously identifies its members with one or the other competitor. Fortune regarded as the big year for pro- j; fessional public relations.

As late as in a study of edwsrd on public relations, one of a series made by their Policyholder s’ Service Bur- eau, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company listed only two public relations firms widely known in New York — Ivy Lee’s and that of my wife and myself.

Comedy, less choked by tradition, produced popular plays and satiric portraits of leaders.

Crystallizing Public Opinion – Ig Publishing

Most of these early papers were filled with intelligence from abroad. The American Petroleum Institute stressed the burden of taxes.

Not so long ago every intelligent man knew that the world was fiat. As we see it, a man who is really counsel or director of public relations has one of the most important jobs on the roster of any concern; but a man who merely represents the old idea of getting something for nothing- from publishers is about passL Specialized fields such as education.