Echourouk El Youmi, ‘Algeria: Gang arrested, arms smuggled from Libya seized’, 23 September , BBC Monitoring. Echourouk El Youmi, ‘In Algiers, Hague. Algeria-Interface [In English & French]; Algérie Press Service · El Raaed · Annasr [In Arabic]; Djazair News (Alger); Ech-Chaab · Echibek · Echourouk el Youmi. Morocco. Echourouk Elyoumi. Algerian newspaper covering national, international, sport, culture, and social news. Echourouk Elyoumi, Algeria. El Moudjahid.

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The newspaper used to publish a series of weekly articles in English from July 24 to August 20, Despite talk of impending amendments to Algeria’s information law, the guests held ecnourouk no hope it would be changed in a liberal direction any time soon.

The larger established dailies claim to be commercially viable — although some fear that increasing internet penetration could one day threaten that — but smaller dailies are struggling and at the mercy of government-owned printing presses. If a legal action is brought against you as a result of your submission, there are organisations that may help you. There was general consensus that this state of affairs has not improved over the past year. If you have a very large submission, or a submission with a complex format, or are a high-risk source, please contact us.

The verdict was condemned as a strike against press freedom by virtually the entire Algerian ehourouk press and numerous political parties, as well as from international press watchdogs. Archived from the original on 30 October If you can use Tor, but need echoyrouk contact WikiLeaks for other reasons use our secured webchat available at http: His paper’s circulation had now topped , and was the largest in the Arab world, eclipsing even Al-Alhram of Egypt.

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After the military takeover inthe government reestablished its monopoly over broadcasting and has refused to budge for fear of the risk it might pose again. Contact us to discuss how to proceed. Algeria has long had no formal journalist training schools, so newspapers have to train their own reporters from graduates with minimal formal training in journalism. Newspapers spent inordinate amounts in legal fees to defend themselves against lawsuits.

The threat of lawsuits made newspapers and journalists cautious in a way that amounted to a degree of self-censorship. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ouafek feared that a TV station financed by big business would become a mouthpiece for specific economic interests.


Algerian Newspapers

If you do this and are a high-risk source you should make sure there are no traces of the clean-up, since such traces themselves may draw suspicion.

If you are a high-risk source, avoid saying anything or doing anything after submitting which might promote suspicion.

Retrieved from ” https: The discussion was in French. Although proud of their newspapers and the stories they put out, these publishers and editors were pessimistic about the possibility of greater press freedom, and offered no solutions.

C Commercial broadcasting does not exist in Algeria. C Meanwhile, Ouafek of Liberte said that a future increase in Internet penetration might draw readership away from newspapers and reduce their income. The lawyer Brahimi lamented e,youmi he called the enforced ”one-month strike or vacation” imposed by Ramadan, which caused economic losses that the country could ill afford.

You can only access this submissions system through Tor. The government can bring a joint criminal-civil lawsuit against a newspaper, its publisher and editor-in-chief, and the journalist who wrote the offending story, and then impose jail sentences, a fine, and award civil damages to the plaintiff.

Not to be confused with Al Shorouk Egyptian newspaper. Also participating were two lawyers, Khaled Bourayou, who has defended hundreds of journalists and newspaper owners, and Miloud Brahimi, a human rights lawyer who specializes in press freedom issues. A slightly embarrassed Foudil smiled while his peers jokingly paid tribute to such hard-hitting journalism as the front-page story about a toddler who could recite the Quran.

If you need help using Tor you can contact WikiLeaks for assistance in setting it up using our simple webchat available at: This includes other media organisations. Our submission system works hard to preserve your anonymity, but we recommend you also take some of your own precautions. Even those who mean well often do not have the experience or expertise to advise properly.

The newspaper’s website was the third largest in the region, trailing only the satellite channels Al-Jazeera and Al-‘Arabiyya. Lawyer Brahimi, however, noted that Foudil had spent two years in jail some years earlier for his work as a journalist, and that he had been Foudil’s lawyer. Most new entrants learned their trade in the papers that hired them. We also advise you to read our tips for sources before submitting.

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Algerian Newspapers : الصحف الجزائرية : Newspapers from Algeria : Algerian News : Africa

When asked about the future of the Francophone press in an increasingly Arabophone reading public, Fattani acknowledged that long-term trends would not favor the Francophone elhoumi. Once working for the French-language Liberte, they had to learn both the craft of journalism and how to write in French.

Ambassador asked to what he attributed the dramatic rise in circulation of recent years, and Foudil replied that marketing had been key. How to contact WikiLeaks?

The Ambassador’s guests saw no prospect for establishing independent television or radio in Algeria, which the government regards as a threat it has also come to view the widespread viewing of satellite channels as a mostly harmless distraction. The Courage Foundation is an international organisation elyoumk to the protection of journalistic sources.

WikiLeaks maintains its robust independence through your contributions. We are the global experts in source protection — it is a complex field. Use your credit card to send donations The Freedom of the Press Foundation is tax deductible in the U. Donate to Wikileaks via the Freedom of the Press Foundation For other ways to donate please see https: As a consequence, they echouoruk little prospect of immediate change.

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What computer to use If the computer you are uploading from could subsequently be audited in an investigation, consider using a computer that is not easily tied to you. If you are a high-risk source and the computer you prepared your submission on, or uploaded it from, could subsequently be audited in an investigation, we recommend that you format and dispose of the computer hard drive and any other storage media you used.

While most of echoufouk were in favor of greater liberty, particularly for the press, they considered the increasingly conservative religious trend in society at large, particularly among youth, as a factor that weighed against rapid or early liberalization of the political system.

In particular, hard drives retain data after formatting which may be visible to a digital forensics team and flash media USB sticks, memory cards and SSD drives retain data even echouruk a secure erasure.