Welcome to eBeam Classic Projection Support. Get Started. Quick Set Up · Bluetooth Set Up. Show all / Hide all. fold faq. How do I set up eBeam Projection?. Interactive Whiteboard Projection USB , Interactive Whiteboards, eBeam, Front Projection, Portable Projector gives students power to interact with . eBeam Classic Projection BT eBeam Classic Projection is a compact, portable, and easy to use device that turns your wall or whiteboard into an interactive.

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The eBeam Projection should be placed on the upper left or upper right corner of the projected area, outside of the projected image. Make sure the receiver is placed at a 90 degree angle. To mount using the adhesive mounting plate: Attach the mounting plate to the receiver and peel the adhesive strips.

To mount using the mounting plate or suction cup plate: Simply attach the mounting plate to the receiver. The maximum active capture area supported is 96 x 60 inches x cm.

Welcome to eBeam Classic Complete Support

The minimum active capture area is 17 x 11 inches 43 x 28 cm. You can participate in a meeting by downloading eBeam software even if you don’t have your own eBeam receiver. If you are connected through Bluetooth this ring will glow blue. The marker pens are designed to work with eBeam Capture or other eBeam Whiteboard software.

If you are using this software with your eBeam Projection system, you will be able to use the Whiteboard marker pens. If you are currently using projextion Bluetooth enabled classiic Projection, visit the Bluetooth support page in order to learn how to set up the receiver on your computer’s specific operating system.

You can claassic the latest updates for the drivers here. There are three suggested methods to extend the eBeam receiver’s connection to the computer. In addition, eBeam Projection is also available as a Bluetooth enabled receiver and has a range of up to 33 feet 10 meters. The first and most straightforward way is to use an “active” USB extension cable. An active cable has special electronics to sustain the data signal, so ebeamm won’t lose any capture speed from the eBeam receiver back to your computer.


A single extension will offer 16 additional feet.

Luidia Inc.: Download

Most manufacturers claim that you can connect up to four active extension cables, plus the original device cable, for a total of approximately 80 feet. There are two types of hubs: USB powered and self powered. The self powered hub has a power cord that needs to be plugged in, while the USB powered hub runs using power supplied by the computer.

In general, it’s recommended that only self powered hubs be used wherever practical. The USB powered hub may only power a maximum of one hub, so you would need to alternate between the various ports as you go and may need to manually open the USB port. The self powered hub powers all available ports which facilitates switching eBeam connections. Put the eBeam receiver on your network: This server will allow you to put a USB device on a network, which can then be accessed by any computer on that network.

It plugs into your network with a standard network cable and provides four standard USB ports. When you plug the eBeam into one of the ports, the receiver becomes available on the network and can be connected to any computer with eBeam software on it.

There is a driver you will need to install for the USB server on each of the computers, but it is a small file 0. It will also be necessary that each user closes the connection to the eBeam receiver before another user can open it.

For a fully interactive classroom or conference room experience, eBeam Projection can be paired with products such as the eBeam Focus Document Camera and the eBeam Inscribe Wireless Tablet.

To find out which firmware version your ebeak is using, check out the firmware support page. Since the eBeam system is equipped with a digital signal processor, it can be upgraded with new firmware. Check your firmware version and upgrade as necessary.

If you’re starting from scratch, though, and are looking for a new board, the most important decision-maker is your own personal preference. Think about how you are going to use the board and what is important to you, then speak to a whiteboard professional who can make sure all your needs are met.


The most important thing to keep in mind regarding the eBeam system is to make sure that your whiteboard isn’t too recessed into a frame.

The system works by picking up ultrasonic waves emitted from the pen, so if the frame of your board is too thick, the waves will bounce off of it and will send intermittent projectio back to the receiver. The second most important thing is to have a surface rigid enough to activate the pen. It requires about the same amount of tension as a ballpoint pen, so we don’t suggest using a projection screen.

They allow too much give, and you could risk creasing the screen. The battery cap classlc counter-clockwise, allowing you to insert or replace the AA battery. The Interactive Stylus behaves exactly like the mouse attached to your computer. The tip of the pen is used to perform mouse left-click operations so you can navigate and annotate your desktop.

The larger top button of the Stylus is used to perform right-click operations. The smaller bottom button is used to hide and display the Tool Palette in the projection image area. Both buttons can be programmed for different functions if desired. How do I change ebsam function that are currently programmed to the Ineractive Stylus buttons? My question hasn’t been answered.

How do I contact the eBeam by Luidia technical support team? If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, our clzssic team can help you get the answers you need. Please have the following information ready before you call:. Click HERE to fill out an online request form for technical assistance.

Welcome to eBeam Classic Projection Support.