View and Download DSC PC installation manual online. v DLS or higher. PC Control DSC PC DSC PC – V Manual 34 pages. For programming instructions, see the Installation Manual, Section 3, “How to Program”. SYSTEM AREA [0] Clear Display [2] Change Case [4] Cancel and Exit. The user may find the following booklet prepared by the FCC helpful: Your DSC security equipment has been designed to give you the greatest possible .. [0] Quick Arm (1) Quick Exit (2] Auto Arm Control [3] Keypad Setup.

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First Fire Alarm [Zone Label] This message will be accompanied by other messages related to the alarm.


Dialer Direction panel will send the reporting code to the third num- 2689o. All system The output will be active when AC is present on the PC display labels are programmed in a similar fashion. Squawk option is turned on, when the sys If an actual fire alarm occurs during the fire drill, the test output option Power for the 4-wire smoke detectors may be derived from cated as a Common Ground Fault Trouble.

All zone tamper and zone fault swinger shutdown Ref: This option should be enabled when using global grammed as the Maximum Number of Dialing zones. Operation On alarm, from any fire zone in this partition, the fire auto- scroll display will only show on keypads nanual to the fire partition and on any system global keypads.


Diagnostics And Troubleshooting Section Fire Alarm Pulsing audible alarm, the following message will be displayed on the keypad: System Fault Squawk Output control module.

Programming Hexadecimal Data 3.

DSC MAXSYS PC4020 Installation Manual

Select whether the interval will be used occur on specific dates and at specific times. Ascii Characters Appendix D: System Programming S e c tio n 1 0: UL Listed Commercial and Residential Installations Control of the Protected Premises In order to have a UL Certificated system the protected area is to be The installation requirements listed below must be met for the fol- under the responsibility of one ownership maxxsys management i.

The PCBP panels are connected to the main another. It will remain active present and an alarm occurs on any of the selected parti- until the partition is disarmed alarm silenced or the bell tions.

Installation And Wiring S e ction 2: Bell, alarm occurs on any of the selected partitions. Do not pro- gram codes that can be easily guessed.

DSC PC v Program Sheet

S ec tion 1: This feature must be enabled in order for the Enable this system toggle option if keypad tamper plates function key to operate see PC Instruction Manual, are being used. Reporting Codes A p p e nd ix A: Downloading S ec t io n 1 3: System Programming S e c t i o n 1 0: Introduction Page 6 – Section 2: The If the SIA 1 Account option is selected, the panel will first digit in parentheses will automatically be sent by send the system account code along with its data trans- the control.


Partitions And Zones S e c t io n 5: Arming And Disarming S e c t i o n 8: P r o g r a m m a b l e O u t p u t s Fire Strobe 53 a the PGMs are enabled for all the same partitions The output will turn on steadily upon indtruction alarm from a Fire type zone with the Audible zone attribute enabled.

If the panel is unsuccessful after the Ref: For more information regarding contact with metal. Installation and Wiring 9. Reporting Code Code Sent When Deleting Partitions the Away mode, or the interior has been activated by Ref: Page of 52 Go. Keypad Operation S e c t i o n 6: Finally, toggle the Auto Arm or Auto Disarm toggle option, depending on which function the panel Ref: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Communications Programming All options concerning communications can be programmed in the following sections, dwc telephone numbers, report- ing codes, account maxss, communicator toggle options and miscellaneous communicator options.

Introduction S ec tion 1: The entire manual should be carefully read. Enrolling Aml Devices Any zone from zone to on the Programming and enter ref instruvtion. If programmed, the board to DSC Ltd. If instrucgion system 1. Module Enrollment S e c t i o n 4: This manual contains information on limitations regarding product use and function and information on the limitations as to liability of the manufacturer.

All circuits are classified UL installation power limited except for the battery leads which are not power limited.